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Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule

Thursday at 4PM in SCEN 604, with a reception at 3:30 in SCEN 502 (coffee and snacks)

Date Title/Topic Presenter
01/19/2017 Incubation temperature-induced phenotypes in birds and its implications for avian ecology, evolution, and conservation. Dr. Sarah DuRant, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater                   
01/24/2017 The Heart and the Head: Implications of Cardiovascular Disease and Intervention on the Brain. Dr. Hanna Jensen, University of Arkansas
1/26/2017 An Experimental Study of Adaptation in Real Time in the Real World. Dr. Joseph Travis, Florida State University, Tallahassee
02/02/2017 Neuronal circuits underlying the relationship between sleep and memory/plasticity. Evolutionary Neurobiology Search Candidate
02/09/2017 Reconstructing the early evolution of sensory and neural systems in animals. Evolutionary Neurobiology Search Candidate
02/16/2017 Vocal development: from songbirds to humans Evolutionary Neurobiology Search Candidate
02/23/2017 TBA Evolutionary Neurobiology Search Candidate
03/09/2017 TBA Dr. Trisha Wittkopp, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
03/16/2017            TBA Dr. Daniel Matute, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
03/30/2017 TBA Dr. Frank West, University of Georgia, Athens
04/06/2017 TBA Dr. Joseph Bump, Michigan Technological University
04/13/2017 TBA Dr. Rori Rohlfs, San Francisco State University
04/20/2017 TBA Dr. Ilene Gipson, Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School
04/27/2017 TBA Dr. Mikel Stevens, Brigham Young University
05/04/2017 TBA Dr. Chris Pires, University of Missouri
05/11/2017 TBA Dr. Andrew Shuerger, Univ of Florida, Space Life Sciences Lab, Kennedy Space Center