Candidates may apply to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Fiction, Poetry, or Translation.

The MFA in Creative Writing requires sixty hours of coursework. Most students spend four years completing the curriculum.

All candidates for the MFA degree produce a book-length thesis.

MFA in Creative Writing, Emphasis in Fiction or Poetry

Students who earn this Creative Writing MFA with an emphasis in Fiction or Poetry will gain both a broad knowledge of literature and a firm understanding of the history and techniques of poetry and fiction.

The coursework includes:

  1. Workshop sessions in which student work is read and discussed.
  2. Craft classes in which the techniques of poetry and fiction are given intensive attention.
  3. Advanced classes in English and American literature, with the hours divided about equally between 20th-century and pre-20th-century readings.

MFA in Creative Writing, Emphasis in Translation

The Creative Writing MFA with an emphasis in Translation offers training in the practice and theory of literary translation. In particular, it focuses on the translation of literary works from other languages into English. It operates on the assumption that a translation of a literary work is an act of creative writing.

Students who earn this degree will leave the program with reading knowledge of two foreign languages.

The coursework includes:

  1. At least 12 hours of translation workshops.
  2. 24 hours of study in the literature of source languages, as well as formal study of the techniques of poetry and fiction.
  3. One semester each of poetry and fiction workshop.