Undergraduate Admission

  1. First, apply to the University by going to the home page for U of A Admissions and follow directions.
  2. In following the application process, you will have the opportunity to declare journalism as your major. If you choose not to declare a major right away, you can apply as “undeclared” in the Fulbright College. You will automatically be placed in Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences as an “undeclared major.”
  3. You can then declare – or change – a major at any time. To declare journalism, contact the office of the Lemke Department of Journalism (575-3601) and make an appointment with the Department Chair to discuss journalism as a major.
  4. In your meeting with the Chair, you declare journalism as a major and select a sequence to follow in the department (News/Editorial, Broadcast, or Advertising/Public Relations). The Chair will complete paperwork on your journalism sequence selection and notify the university of your decision. They will also assign you to a journalism faculty member who will serve as your adivser.
  5. If you should forget your adivser’s name and contact information, simply call the Journalism Department office and ask for a reminder. In addition, the department tries to keep an up-to-date list of faculty adivsers and their advisees posted in the hallway outside the Journalism Department office in Kimpel Hall 116.