Journalism Minor

The Walter J. Lemke Department of Journalism in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences offers a minor in journalism. Journalism skills can complement almost any major, increasing the value of students as potential employees.

In addition to serving as a minor for another major field, the journalism minor is also a part of the university’s Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree, which is offered both 100 percent online and 100 percent on campus.

The journalism minor can provide you with journalistic skills that will help you express yourself logically and clearly, and it provides the knowledge needed to be “in the know” about the processes that bring news and persuasive messages to print, broadcast, online or digital outlets. 

The journalism minor acquaints students with the history, practice, theory and ethics of the journalism field. It will help you secure specialized knowledge regarding media and society, the fundamentals of journalism, news reporting, journalistic ethics, media technology and media law.

For those entering fields where people rely on getting their word out, the media literacy learned through this minor offers an advantage in the commercial workplace or nonprofit organization. In these days of “citizen journalism,” some bloggers and website administrators want help to make their writing better and to stay out of potential legal trouble.

For those who are planning to teach in high school and hope to teach journalism, the minor gives a broad base of understanding to prepare you. Although the minor does not prepare you to be a working journalist, the journalism minor offers a way to improve online communication.

Admission to the journalism minor program requires registration through the Fulbright Advising Center. Contact Teresa Scott at

Degree Requirements

In addition to the requirements for your major degree, these are the courses required for the journalism minor.

Course Number Course Name
JOUR 1023 Media and Society
JOUR 1033 Fundamentals of Journalism
JOUR 2003 Writing for Today's Media
JOUR 2053 Multimedia Journalism
JOUR 3633 Media Law
JOUR 4333 Ethics in Journalism

All but two of the courses are taught in the classroom as well as online. JOUR 2003 and JOUR 2053 are taught online only.

For those who might decide along the way to change their major to journalism, all the courses will serve as prerequisites except for JOUR 2003 and JOUR 2053. The two courses will count as electives, but not as prerequisites.

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