Degree Conferred: M.M. (MUSC)

Graduate Certificate Offered: Advanced Performance (non-degree)

Areas of Concentration for the Master of Music (M.M. Degree): Performance, Collaborative Piano, Composition, Music Theory, Music History, Instrumental and Choral Conducting, and Music Education.

Prerequisite for applying to the M.M. degree: Applicants should possess a bachelor’s degree with a major in music from an accredited institution.  The applicant must apply to both the Graduate School and the Department of Music.  In addition, applicants should schedule an audition/interview with the appropriate music faculty.

The specific requirements for admission to individual concentrations of the Master of Music degree program are:

  1. Performance and Collaborative Piano applicants must audition for or submit a DVD of a recorded performance to the appropriate graduate faculty.
  2. Music Education applicants are expected to have prior teaching experience and submit a DVD of a recent classroom teaching experience.
  3. Music History and Music Theory applicants should submit a paper representative of their work as well as scores for the Graduate Record Exam.
  4. Composition applicants are required to submit three of their compositions.

Requirements for the Master of Music Degree: In addition to the general requirements of the Graduate School the following must be met:

  1. All candidates pursuing the degree of Master of Music with concentrations in, Collaborative Piano, Composition, Conducting, Music History, Music Theory, and Performance are required to take a diagnostic exam for aural and written theory and history prior to the beginning of their first semester of study.  Any student diagnosed with deficiencies will be required to register for remedial courses.
  2. Candidates needing to augment their piano skills will be required to take additional piano study.
  3. Candidates are required to take comprehensive written examinations followed by an oral examination after the completion of coursework.
  4. All candidates must participate in at least one ensemble per semester throughout their residence unless pursuing a concentration in Composition, Music Theory, Music History, or Music Education.
  5. Candidates for the Master of Music in Music History are expected to have or acquire reading and writing proficiency in the foreign language corresponding to their field of research (preferably German, Italian, or French).

Graduate Student Admissions

Step 1: Apply to the graduate school

Students seeking admission to graduate level studies in music should first apply online to the University of Arkansas Graduate School.

Letters of Recommendation: Please have three letters of recommendation sent to the Department of Music Chair.

Dr. Ronda Mains
University of Arkansas
Department of Music
201 MUSC
Fayetteville, AR 72701

Do I need to take the GRE?
The GRE is not required for admission to graduate studies in music. The graduate school may require a standardized test score if your GPA is below 3.0.

Step 2: Music Audition/Interview

Click here to view the graduate audition requirements.

Contact the Department of Music to schedule an audition/interview. Department of Music Phone: (479) 575-4701

Christopher MacRae, voice, 479-575-4534, Room 309

Er-Gene Kahng, violin, 479-575-6270, Room 231

Paulo Eskitch, viola, Room 231

Dominic Na, cello, Room 303

Mike Montgomery, bass, Room 303

Jake Hertzog, guitar, Room 224

Jura Margulis, piano, 479-575-4178, Room 206

Chalon Ragsdale, percussion, 479-575-5838, Band 

Stephen Caldwell, choral conducting, 479-575-3141, Room 332

Christopher Knighten, instrumental conducting, 479-575-4109, Band 209

Ronda Mains, flute, 479-575-5765, Room 201

Theresa Delaplain, oboe, 479-575-6385, Room 205

Nophachai Cholthitchanta, clarinet, 479-575-5850, Room 314

Eric Troiano, saxophone, 479-575-4190, Room 109

Lia Uribe, bassoon, 479-575-4138, Room 108

Richard Rulli, trumpet, 479-575-6383, Room 215

Timothy Thompson, french horn, 479-575-5762, Room 340

Cory Mixdorf, trombone, 479-575-6302, Room 230

Benjamin Pierce, euphonium/tuba, 479-575-4197, Room 226


Graduate Advising

Er-Gene Kahng (on leave 2016-2017)
Director of Graduate Advising
231 Music Building
(479) 575-6270

Ronda Mains (interim Graduate Chair 2016-2017)
201 Music Building
(479) 575-4701