Intensive Mandarin Chinese & Chinese Culture


  • Tuition waived
  • Boarding fee waived
  • Field trip fee waived
  • Program fee: (Estimated) $700
  • Airfare: (Estimated) $1200-1800
  • Additional financial aid and scholarships available - check out your options here.
  • No language prerequisite
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5+
  • Apply online via U of A Study Abroad website
Deadline: Feb 1, 2018



"The teachers were amazing, and I learned so much from their classes. I will never forget them, and how helpful and fun they were for each class. They understood that we were not amazing at Chinese, and gave us a new perspective and practice for the world outside of the classroom, so we can be social with our Chinese speaking."

"The trip was amazing, and I would recommend it to literally everyone I meet. The only thing I would change is to have more time in Shanghai, but other than that it was amazing, and I am so very glad that I applied to this trip, it was an amazing experience."


"Our time in China has been a one of a kind experience, I could not honestly think of anything else that could be added to the program. I feel I have not stopped moving and exploring things since the day I got here!"

"I loved my oral Chinese class. My ability to speak Chinese was greatly increased through this class. Also Sun lao shi was fun and exciting and taught in a way that was really interactive. Outside of class we also hung out a lot and conversed in Chinese which greatly helped my speaking ability."

***above are anonymous evaluations from former students***

Interested in finding out more about this program?

Please contact Ms. Li Yang at for more information.