Important Dates

Registration advising for currently enrolled students. 

Mandatory Medical School Application Workshops 
(for all applicants applying in 2013 for admission and entry into medical school in 2014)

There will be 4 opportunities to attend the mandatory workshop. If you are re-applying and a currently enrolled student, we suggest attending a workshop. If you are a graduate and no longer living in Fayetteville, please contact Dr. Neil Allison to make alternate arrangements to receive the current instructions for the Premedical Advisory Committee.

  • you only need to attend one of the mandatory meetings

Important: if you are not receiving the premedical email announcements through the Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) listserv, contact Dr. Neil Allison immediately. 


Please refer to the University of Arkansas Applicant instruction packet you will receive at the mandatory application workshop for additional dates and details.

Deadline date and time for "Early Applicants" to turn in application materials to the Premedical Advisory Committee (PMAC) reserved for only students with MCAT scores reported by June, 2013. 

May, 2013- email Dr. Allison on or before this date stating your intent to apply early. If you do not get a response to your email within 24 hours, email Dr. Allison again.

July 1, 2013 Submit list of recommendation letter writers to Dr. Allison on or before this date.

August 1, 2013 Earliest time to sign up for the scheduled meetings to submit application materials during the August 16-18 meetings.

August 20-22. 2013 Meetings to turn in application materials to the Premedical Advisory Committee for evaluation for the 2013 application year (standard application timeline) for students entering medical school in 2014. Location TBA (applicants will be sent an email). You must attend one of these meetings to submit your application materials. If you are not available during the August 20-22, 2013 dates, you can submit your application materials in person BEFORE these dates by making prior arrangements with either Dr. Neil Allison, or Dr. Jeanne McLachlin,

Deadline date and time to only add or swap out application materials for the PMAC folder. This is not a date for the first submission of your application packet, only last minute changes as the result of errors or omissions discovered during the Aug. 20-22, 2013 submission meetings.

Deadline date and time for personal letters of recommendation to arrive at the Chemistry Department and be included in your application materials for the Premedical Advisory Committee review process.