Minor in Japanese

Japanese: Students in the Minor program in Japanese with a Business Orientation must complete 15 credit hours of upper-level Japanese courses. Required courses are:

Advanced Japanese  
JAPN 3116 Intensive Advanced Japanese (Fa) (or equivalent) 6
Core Requirements  
JAPN 3033 Advanced Japanese Conversation (Sp) 3
JAPN 4333 Professional Japanese I: Business Writing (Sp) 3
Select one of the following: 3
JAPN 3983
Special Studies (Irregular)  
JAPN 4033
Oral Communication & Composition in Japanese (Fa)  
JAPN 4213
Japanese Culture (Irregular)  
JAPN 4313
Language and Society of Japan (Fa)  
JAPN 4343
Professional Japanese II: Translation (Fa)  

In some cases, elective courses may be adjusted to the individual needs of the candidate with the permission of the Japanese adviser.