ANTH 3213                                          Indigenous Peoples of North America: Anthropological Perspectives

ANTH 3263/5363                               Indians of Arkansas and the South

ANTH 3473                                          North American Prehistory

ANTH 3533                                          Medical Anthropology

ANTH 4143                                          Ecological Anthropology

ANTH 4256/5256                               Archaeological Field Session       


HIST 3023                                             Colonial Latin America

HIST 3263                                             History of the American Indian

HIST 3923H                                          Indigenous Ways in Peru

HIST 4443                                             Frontiers and Borderlands in Colonial Latin America


JOUR 405v-008                                  Indigenous Documentary Storytelling

COMM 3983                                       Native Americans in Film

WLLC 3053                                          The Colonial French in the Mississippi Valley

WLLC 4013                                          Ethnohistorical Approaches to Native American and French Communication

WLLC 4043                                          The Early French in North America

ENGL 3553                                           Topics in Native American Literature and Culture

ENGL 4553                                           Studies in Native American Literature and Culture