Jared M. Phillips

Jared M. Phillips


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Jared M. Phillips joined the faculty of the International Studies program in 2016. He earned a Ph.D. in History at the University of Arkansas under the direction of Dr. Randall B. Woods. Dr. Phillips is a specialist on the history of U.S. foreign policy and U.S.-Sino relations in the late twentieth century, and he has published work on topics ranging from development policy in the Tibetan highlands, American foreign policy in the 1960s, and international human rights. He and his wife have spent the last eight years working in community development, environmental issues, and agriculture in a variety of locales, including the Tibetan areas of Western China, rural communities in Guatemala, and Pacific Island immigrant communities in the Ozarks. Among his other projects, Dr. Phillips is currently finishing a history of the back-to-the-land movement in the Arkansas Ozarks during the 1970s.

Dr. Phillips teaches INST 2013 Introduction to International Studies, as well as seminars on human rights, indigenous rights, and food security. He also supervises internships for students in the International Studies Program.

Human rights, indigenous rights, and food security. 

  • INST 2013 Introduction to International Studies

Ph.D., History, University of Arkansas

B.A., History, University of Arkansas


A Tangled Hope: Jimmy Carter and Human Rights at the End of the Cold War. Book Manuscript.

“Hipbillies and Hillbillies: Back to the Landers and Local Communities in the Arkansas Ozarks during the 1970s” Article Manuscript.


“Looking for Stability: Holistic Policy Analysis in Light of Rapid Development Among Kham

Tibetan Herding Groups.” Extended Abstract in the Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Himalayan Policy Research Conference. (with J. Marc Foggin) Himalayan Journal of Development and Democracy Vol. 5, No. 1, (2010) 64-71.

“Developing Kham: An enquiry into the use of environmental and economic history for developing policy in Kham Tibetan regions” Himalayan Journal of Development and Democracy, Vol. 4, No. 1, (2009) 11-15.

“Toward a Better World: LBJ, Niebuhr, and American Human Rights, 1964-1966” Ozark Historical Review, Vol. 38 (Spring 2009) 31-50.


“Rights, Religion, and Power: Jimmy Carter’s Odyssey to Redirect America’s Purpose,” for Keeping It Holy: Southerners, the South, and the Theme of Justice, edited by Teresa A. Booker (CUNY). (The University Press of Mississippi, forthcoming 2015).

Foggin, J. Marc and Jared Phillips. “Horizontal Policy Analysis: A Tool to Promote Sustainable Livelihoods Development With Implications for Ecological Resettlement and other Major Development Programs in the Tibetan Plateau Region.” Pastoralism in China Today, Å. Kolås and Zhaluo (eds). (Beijing: Social Science Academic Press, 2014).