Requirements Overview


In addition to the requirements of a primary departmental major, students pursuing a co-major in Latin American and Latino Studies must complete the following:

Language Competence: The student must complete SPAN 2013, PORT 2013 (or equivalent). Provisions are available for recognition of language skills gained by other means than formal course work taken at the University of Arkansas: consult the Department of World Languages for details. Further functional work in Spanish or Portuguese as well as study and residence in a Latin American nation can serve to strengthen language competence and are encouraged.

Colloquium: The student must complete at least three hours in the interdepartmental colloquium, LAST 4003. The Colloquium may be repeated, with the advisor’s approval, provided the topic is different.

Electives: The student must complete 18 hours, in addition to LAST 4003, in approved courses with specific Latin American or Latino content, or individualized study options under instructors teaching Latin American or Latino Studies. Students choosing to take individualized readings or directed research courses must obtain the approval of the LAST Director. See Courses Overview for a list of courses in our rotation. In the selection of the electives, the following conditions apply:

  1. Courses must be selected from at least 3 different departments.
  2. A maximum of 9 hours may be submitted from courses taken in any one department.


Students pursuing a minor in Latin American and Latino Studies must fulfill the Colloquium (LAST 4003) and the language requirements described above, and must complete at least 12 hours from among the electives listed below. Electives must include courses from at least two different academic departments. Included in the 12 hours may be 3 additional hours of LAST 4003, provided the topic is different.