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“On behalf of our faculty, staff and entire U of A community, we offer you a big congratulations, Class of 2021 – you did it! You survived the late-night study sessions, the group projects, the times of uncertainty and so much more – including this strange and unprecedented pandemic time. You’ve grown in the face of these obstacles, you’ve adapted, and your resiliency has brought you to this moment. You’ve worked so hard for so long, and now you’ve reached the graduation milestone you’ve been striving for. Please take a moment to reflect on just how momentous this is, on just how amazing this accomplishment is, on all it took to get to this moment, and all the incredible potential your future holds! Congratulations graduates!”

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Name: Melissa Corvera
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, History, Latin Honors

After graduation I am going to enter the Masters in Teaching program to be a secondary high school history teacher. I also plan to become certified in Spanish in order to teach both history and Spanish courses. I plan to work at a school that needs more Latinx representation in their staff and be a mentor to my future students. I’ll be the first one in my family to graduate from college and attend graduate school. My parents did not have the opportunity to go to college in Mexico, but they made sure I would be able to. Without them none of my achievements would have been possible. Two of the most memorable experiences I had in college were the process of writing my honors thesis and participating in the marching band for 2 years. Both were difficult, but that’s what made them memorable.


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Congratulations, Class of 2021!

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