Faculty Awards

Steve Stephenson
Steve Stephenson

Stephenson is a research professor in the department of biological sciences in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, and is regarded as one of the world's leading authorities on a group of organisms known as myxomycetes, also known as slime molds.

Steve Stephenson spent two weeks in Vietnam in March of 2014 presenting seminars, holding workshops, and developing potential collaborative research opportunities.

Kathleen Condray
Kathleen Condray

Condray, associate professor of German, has won awards for her unconventional teaching methods. Her students have restaged a German novella as the Jerry Springer show and hiked through Devil's Den to learn about the tools that 19th century German adventurer Friedrich Gerstaecker would have used during his stays in Arkansas.

Kathleen Condray spent the 2014 summer session in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

Many University of Arkansas researchers have won prestigious awards sponsored by government agencies, non-profit foundations, and private institutions. Several awards are recognized by the Top American Research Universities ranking. Present and previous Fulbright College awardees are listed below. 

Year Recipient Country Visited Department
1970-1971 Doug James Ghana BISC
1981-1982 Doug James Nepal BISC
1985-1986 Bob Cochran Romania ENGL
1986 Bob Cochran Hungary ENGL
1988-1989 Doug James Belize BISC
1992 Roger E. Koeppe The Netherlands CHEM
1995 Bob Cochran Korea ENGL
1999-2000 Luis F. Restrepo Colombia WLLC
2002-2003 Kathleen Marie Condray Germany WLLC
2003-2004 Thomas David Senor Russia PHIL
2004-2005 Patrick J. Conge Lebanon PLSC
2008-2009 Jeannine Durdik India BISC
2010 Peter Ungar South Africa ANTH
2014 Steve Stephenson Vietnam BISC
2014 Kathleen Condray Germany WLLC
Year Principle Investigator Department
1969-1971 Robert Finlay HIST
1984-1985 Joel Gordon HIST
1998 Tricia Starks HIST
Year Principle Investigator Department
1989 Robert Cochran ENGL
2005-2006 Geoffrey Brock ENGL
Year Principle Investigator Department
1995 Daniel Sutherland HIST
2004 Beth Schweiger HIST
Year Principle Investigator Department
1979-1980 Bob McMath HIST
1981-1982 Robert Finlay HIST
1981-1982 Randall Woods HIST
1992 Robert Finlay HIST
1992-1993 Elliot West, Lloyd-Lewis HIST
1995 Robert Finlay HIST
1998 Robert Finlay HIST
2005 Tricia Starks HIST
2006 Richard Sonn HIST
2006-2007 Lynn Jacobs ART
2008-2009 Beth Schweiger HIST
2009-2010 Elliott West HIST
2012-2013 Beth Schweiger HIST
2013-2014 Nikolay Antov HIST
  Ben Fagan ENGL
Year Principle Investigator Department
1987-1988 Christopher Hill PHIL
2004-2005 Lynda Leigh Coon HIST
2004-2005 Thomas E. Kaiser HIST
Start Date Principle Investigator Department
1996 Lin Oliver PHYS
1996 Ingrid Fritsch CHBC
1998 Kenneth Turnbull CHBC
1998 Paul Thibado PHYS
2000 Laurent Bellaiche PHYS
2000 Julie Stenken CHBC
2001 Xiaogang Peng CHBC
2002 Luca Capogna MASC
2008 Jak Tchakhalian PHYS
2008 Susanne Striegler CHBC
2011 Fangzhen Teng GEOS
2012 Colin Heyes CHBC
2013 Greg Dumond GEOS
2013 Nan Zheng CHBC
2013 Feng Wang CHBC
Year Principle Investigator Department
2004 Tricia Starks HIST