About Us

Fulbright College is home to more than 56,770 alumni who live, work, and make a difference around the world.

Our graduates are experts in nearly 59 areas of study and each represent a piece of the Fulbright legacy of “Peace Through Education.” The work of our alumni strengthens every aspect of the Fulbright College name, and their philanthropy helps us discover new horizons of excellence.  

We hope you will update us on your life and discover ways you can connect with Fulbright College and our alumni around the world.  

Contact Betsy Bushmiaer in the Office of Development and External Relations.

Melody Mouchehbagh

Melody Kouchehbagh

Interim Director, Development & External Relations

Phone: 479-575-3712
Email: melodyk@uark.edu

The Director of Development and External Relations is responsible for the strategic and long-term planning and implementation of the Fulbright College development program. This role also oversees management of college and regional committees, as well as the cultivation of major, planned, corporate and foundation gifts of more than $10,000. The director serves as the lead development liaison to the college’s 19 science, arts and humanities schools and departments, as well as to the more than 43 research centers, institutes and academic programs in the college.

This role provides strategic support to the Dean of Fulbright College for all fundraising and alumni initiatives, and acts as the primary contact to University Advancement. Additionally, this position provides oversight and supervision for the Office of Development and External Relations, which includes all development, communications, web, design, scholarship administration and employer relations activities in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences.

Erin Cowger

Erin Cowger

Associate Director of Development

Phone: 479-575-3712
Email: erinc@uark.edu

The Associate Director of Development manages a regional portfolio of fundraising prospects and charitable foundations. This role includes the facilitation of philanthropic efforts, donor relations and prospect research. This position also serves as the primary liaison for annual fundraising initiatives and college-based research grants. Furthermore, the associate director oversees regular stewardship processes and provides support for donor-centric departmental and college events.

Erin Cowger

Robert Hopper

Assistant Director of Development

Phone: 479-575-3712
Email: rghoppe@uark.edu 

The Assistant Director of Development manages a non-regional portfolio of fundraising prospects and charitable foundations. This role includes the facilitation of philanthropic efforts, donor relations and prospect research. Additionally, this role is responsible for serving as an ambassador of the Fulbright College, and as an advocate of strategic community and corporate partnerships for the college and university. The assistant director is also responsible for being a liaison to Fulbright College alumni across the country, and connects them with fellow alumni and supporters both locally and abroad.

Betsy Bushmiaer

Betsy Bushmiaer

Director of Constituent Relations

Phone: 479-575-3712
Email: betsyb@uark.edu

The Director of Consituent Relations manages a portfolio of stewardship prospects for the Fulbright College. This position serves as the primary contact for prospect research, philanthropic gift reporting and foundation accounting for the Office of Development and External Relations. This role provides guidance for all departmental alumni and fundraising accounts and stewardship activity. Additionally, the director assists all major gift officers with new prospect identification and cultivation strategies, and manages the reporting for the college’s annual fundraising and goalsetting process.