Matching Opportunities

Matching Opportunities: Multiply Your Impact


Our donors have decided to inspire others to contribute to the vision of Fulbright College through establishing matching gifts in the following areas:

Geosciences PhD Fellowships Fund Challenge

Geosciences Ph.D.Fulbright College is committed to helping the geology program gain international notoriety as having highly competitive undergraduate and graduate programs that benefit the region and the world. Since 2006, the Department of Geosciences has established an external advisory board; developed employer and research relationships with industry leaders; recruited faculty nationally and internationally in areas of geophysics, hydrogeology and climatology; established an endowed chair in petroleum geology; and admitted its first PhD students in geosciences. The boosting of the institution’s geosciences program is vital to the continued economic prosperity of the state and the region as well as the prestige of the University of Arkansas as a top public research university.

There are two funds available to match gifts to the student support phase of the PhD initiative.

  • $500,000 Fellowship Challenge (1:1) - A matching fund of $500,000 was established to promote giving to the Geosciences PhD fellowship fund. Gifts are matched when allocated to the fellowship fund. 
  • Employee Matching Programs (1:1-3:1) - Thousands of employers nationwide are partners in higher education and match employees’ philanthropic contributions to academic programs. The geosciences industry is especially generous with some companies matching as much as 3:1. The University of Arkansas will help you determine to what extent your gift is eligible for an employee matching program, or you may visit our Employer Matching Database.


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International Chemistry Graduate Assistantships

International Chemistry Graduate Assistantships In an effort to boost international graduate student recruitment within the department, an anonymous donor has committed up to $300,000 in matching funds to encourage support in this area.

With the completion of graduate degree requirements growing ever more challenging and competitive, especially in chemistry and biochemistry, graduate student support allows the department to more successfully recruit and retain quality graduate students, which will transform the department’s graduate-level research activity as well as its undergraduate teaching and research.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is one of the largest and most productive departments in Fulbright College  Thirty-one instructional faculty support 330 chemistry and biochemistry majors while also teaching more than 13,000 student semester credit hours each year. Both faculty and enrollment within the department have grown more than 35% over the last 10 years. Alongside biological sciences, mathematical sciences and English, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is respected as a leader in core education at the University and is a highly productive research unit.

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General Employer Matching

You may be able to double or triple your gift to the University of Arkansas through your company's Matching Gift Program at no cost to you. Search our online database to see if your employer is listed among the matching gift companies. If your employer or your spouse's employer (or parent company) participates in a gift matching program, then please take a moment to get a matching gift form from your personnel office. They will have details on how to direct a matching gift to the University of Arkansas (and it also applies to retirees.) Matching funds will count toward your yearly total once the match has been received.

For more information on these matching opportunities, please contact

The Office of Development & External Relations

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