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Given Fulbright College’s breadth, depth, and diversity, we must choose specific strategic initiatives in order to ensure sustained progress of the Fulbright legacy. The college’s current top funding initiatives include:

College-wide Faculty and Student Support

Robert and Sandra Connor Each endowed scholarship, graduate assistantship, faculty chair, and professorship allow a highly capable student or faculty member to make his or her mark on the institution and help advance Fulbright College. Providing these opportunities is critical to each of our three schools and 16 departments, which span the fine arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Endowed positions allow us to keep education accessible as well as recruit and retain the highest-caliber academics. 

The fruits of our faculty and students’ labors are evident in meaningful research that both moves forward the academic field and affects practical applications. This progress is felt in industry, outreach programs that enrich the community, study abroad opportunities that spread knowledge and cultural understanding, and academic excellence that supports every aspect of life beyond the University. By supporting their efforts, you support Fulbright College and all who are impacted by a faculty member or graduate. The benefits are positively exponential. 

“We were delighted with the success of the original endowment and the impact the faculty fellows have made to Fulbright College. It is inspiring to us to support junior-level faculty who are making a difference in their fields of expertise while promoting the U of A’s goal of becoming a top public research university. Adding to this fund was the logical next step for us, it will provide even more support for promising new faculty members and amplify the impact of our original gift.”

~ Robert and Sandra Connor

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International Studies & International Education

International Studies & Education Arkansas boasts a proud tradition of close interaction between the academic community and the world beyond the University. Seventeen alumni have become Arkansas governors, 26 have become members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and six have become U.S. Senators. More than 100 Fortune-500 companies are located in Arkansas. In our increasingly globalized world, business leaders, investors, and politicians can no longer afford to look narrowly within their own borders, focusing on their own areas of expertise. Understanding the cultural dynamics of nations around the world is as important in the boardroom in Bentonville as in the classroom in Fayetteville, and knowledge of a culture’s history and society is as essential for the executive as for the student.

Fulbright College’s international studies initiative will take the University’s relationships with the outside world to the next level.  Providing enhanced education in foreign affairs to future state and national leaders, and the historical, cultural, and linguistic skills necessary for business leaders to compete in our global marketplace will continue to increase the institution’s reputation. The initiative includes enhancing programs in African and African American studies, Asian studies, European studies, international studies, Latin American studies and Middle Eastern studies, as well as the Fulbright Institute for International Affairs. It will also focus on securing new resources for the departments of world languages, literatures, and cultures; anthropology; geosciences; history; political science; and sociology and criminal justice. 

“The Sturgis Trust has blazed trails for our students through its generosity, and this gift takes an already outstanding program to another level. Their vision for international education at the University of Arkansas is awe-inspiring.”

~ Chancellor G. David Gearhart

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Visual and Performing Arts

Faulkner Performing Arts Center The University is dedicated to growing, strengthening and promoting the talent of our students and faculty through quality arts education and production that earn the University a reputation for hosting programs that enrich, enlighten, and entertain our campus and community. Dedicated undergraduate and graduate students, under the mentorship of an excellent faculty, are becoming highly accomplished musicians, visual artists, theatrical performers, directors, technicians, and writers. Particularly when it comes to our music and theatre departments, the path to even greater success is outlined by our plans to provide an adequate venue for performances showcasing the talents and skills of students and faculty members and additional endowments to fund student exhibits and performances, guest artists, and collaborations with internationally and nationally respected art institutions.

“The Faulkners are passionate about Arkansas and about the U of A. It’s fitting that this building — one in which Jim spent so much time during his undergraduate years—will bear the Faulkners’ names, and will reflect their advocacy of education and the performing arts.  Jim and Joyce are Arkansas treasures whose legacy will be a prominent part of this university for decades to come.”  

~ Chancellor G. David Gearhart

All-Steinway School

Steinway LogoJ.W. and Emily McAllister of Memphis, Tennessee, committed $1 million dollars in support of the University of Arkansas’ All-Steinway School initiative in 2011. The University of Arkansas is one of only 160 schools in the world that have attained the All-Steinway honor. This prestigious designation communicates the institution’s commitment to providing world class instruments to faculty and students so that they can study, perform, and excel within the department of music. In turn, these opportunities help the university and college recruit and retain some of the very best performing artists in the country and the world as well as provide greater access to music education for all students. 

"I've been a pianist all my life. I can't remember not playing, but I do remember the bad shape the instruments were in while I was a student. I thought it would be so wonderful for students to have good instruments to play, both in practice rooms and during performances. Steinway means quality, and it has always been a name that I admire and respect. I have enjoyed my own Steinway for many years."

~ Emily McAllister, college benefactor

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Geosciences Doctoral Program

Geosciences Doctoral ProgramThe University of Arkansas has a rich history in bachelor's and master's programs in geosciences. The Department of Geosciences continues on a path of ambitious growth and expanded partnerships and works toward the full implementation of the state's only geosciences doctorate. A fully realized doctoral program will grow and strengthen the department's undergraduate and graduate studies through enhanced course offerings, research opportunities and recruitment efforts for world-class scholars.

"The university can help address the need for highly specialized geoscience research teams to work on issues in natural resources and energy, rather than sending our top students out of state.”

~ Provost Sharon Gaber

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