Grants, Proposals & Foundations

Grant Assistance

The RSSP office will help. In addition, If your grant is going to include cost sharing, please have your department representative contact Kim Gillow for assistance if needed.

If you have expenses that need to be transferred to or from a grant that are over 90 days old, please complete the Cost Transfer Request Form and return to Kim Gillow.

Grant review and editing services are also provided by the Grant Editing and Consulting Group. You can contact Adam Pope at with the subject line "Grant Editing Request" with questions or to get started.

Foundation Assistance

If reimbursements include alcohol or if you need to fund an 0392 deficit, please fill out the form below:

If you need to transfer funds from one foundation account to another foundation account, please fill out the form below:

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding grants or foundations, please contact Kim Gillow.

Kim Gillow
Assistant Director of Administrative Operations
MAIN 534
Phone: 479-575-3709
Fax: 479-575-2642