Dean Todd Shields stands in front of an epic painting.


Welcome to the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, the heart and soul of the University of Arkansas. Our college represents the breadth, depth and excellence of the university, with students from a wide range of upbringings, locations and experiences. We have Sturgis Fellows, National Merit Scholars, recipients of various academic or talent-based scholarships and students who are the first in their families to attend college.

The University of Arkansas is undergoing unprecedented growth, and if you visit our campus you will see many signs of expansion, from new buildings to unconventional classrooms. This increasing population is allowing us to increase offerings to students, upgrade facilities and recruit additional faculty members. The university’s growth has also allowed the college to expand its offerings in interdisciplinary work.

We have a selective and rigorous Honors Program, in-house admissions advisors, a vibrant Fulbright College Student Ambassadors program and the Fulbright Perspectives course to welcome and acclimate students in their first year at the university.

Fulbright College continues its efforts to reach out to our students, alumni, friends and supporters through social media and our quarterly e-magazine. Please like Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences on Facebook, follow Fulbright College (@uarkfulbright) on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to the Fulbright Review to stay informed on all the latest news and events. Additionally, several of our departments and programs have started using various forms social media to engage students in conversation.

We continue to hold Fulbright’s words to heart, using his writings to guide our mission.

... the highest function of higher education is the teaching of things in perspective, toward the purposes of enriching the life of the individual, cultivating the free and inquiring mind, and advancing the effort to bring reason, justice, and humanity...

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope these pages will persuade you to come see us in person.


Todd Shields