Biological Anthropology

Justin Murphy Nolan

Justin Murphy Nolan

Associate Professor

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-2433

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My interests within biological anthropology include ethnobiology, the study of humans and their relationships with native flora and fauna, medical anthropology, the study of health belief systems, cultural conservation, the study of region-specific folkways and traditions. Since joining the anthropology faculty at UA-Fayetteville in 2002, I have examined folk medicine in the Ozarks, vernacular lore in the Ouachita Mountains, historic hunting and fishing practices in the Piney Woods, and traditional foodways in the Arkansas Delta. Presently, I am working with communities throughout Cherokee Nation in Northeast Oklahoma on a project designed to safeguard and perpetuate Cherokee language and culture. My fieldwork in the Cherokee Nation also explores the linkages between ecological diversity in the Ozark foothills and the continuity of Cherokee artisanship and expressive traditions. I recently completed an applied study of sustainable tourism throughout Arkansas’ natural regions. View more information on the project.

Ph.D. University of Missouri


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Selected articles:

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