Jin Soo Ceramics Class

BA/BFA Programs

Program Mission

Providing a firm base from which the student can develop a personal and singular approach to art-making, the undergraduate ceramics curriculum emphasizes early technical development and builds toward self-determined investigations relating to the material. Degree-seeking students with an emphasis in ceramics will gain skills in all major forming methods, including wheel-throwing, hand-building, and slip-casting, as well as being exposed to various firing techniques, clay and glaze formulation, and proper methods for the safe handling of clay and glaze materials.

While students pursuing study in ceramics are exposed to traditional approaches to the medium, they are also encouraged to consider clay in combination with performance, video, sound, interactivity, installation, digital fabrication, and more. Experimentation and research are stressed as students are taught to exploit materials and processes for their conceptual ramifications, and to identify critical dialogues in which to contextualize their work. This developmental process is begun and reinforced through interaction with peers, faculty, artists in the regional community, visiting artists, and other scheduled art events.

Recent Undergraduate Works