Locating the Ceramics Studio

Physical Address:
Ceramics Studio, School of Art
326 Eastern Avenue
Fayetteville, AR 72701

The Ceramics Studio is situated in the southwest corner of campus along Eastern Avenue between the University Bus Depot and the Razorback Recycling Center. Traveling south on Razorback from the stadium, turn right at Nettleship (near to the university police station), and then left onto Eastern. Traveling North on Razorback from MLK, make the first left onto Mitchell, and then turn right onto Eastern. The front door to the studio is at the intersection of Eastern Avenue and W. Stone St.

Facility Overview

The ceramics area boasts a generously sized group studio and classroom that is equipped for all standard ceramics processes. Adjacent to the main studio are dedicated spaces for clay and glaze mixing, plaster handling, material storage, photo documentation, a computer workstation, BFA studios, and two small coves for installing work. The main studio itself converts into an 1300 square foot gallery space.

Our facility also has twelve individual studios ranging in size from 190-240 square feet that house our graduate students, post-bacs, and resident artist. Six of these studios are located on the main level, while another six are located on a mezzanine above the main studio space. Mezzanine-level spaces are fitted with movable track lighting and ventilation ducts. Two additional spaces house our BFA students.

We're also very pleased to announce that, through the generosity of the Windgate Foundation, the ceramics studio has gone through a 400,000 dollar equipment upgrade in 2015-16. This has brought a host of new kilns, clay mixers, and a technological suite that incorporates a 3D printer, CNC router, a full-color decal printer. 

Equipment List

Kiln Pad

  • Bailey Studio Pro 12 & 18
  • Bailey Thermal Logic 20, with two cars
  • Geil DLB 24 downdraft
  • Small wood kiln
  • 9 computer-controlled electrics
  • Blaauww 12 & 54 cu.ft. gas kilns

Technology Lab

  • Enduring Images color decal printer
  • Axiom CNC router
  • Makergear M2 3D Printer

General Studio

  • 2 extruders
  • Bailey slab roller
  • 20 electric wheels
  • 1 Lockerbie kick-wheel
  • Various rollers and hand tools

Plaster Area

  • Plaster mixing bench
  • Assorted coddles and clamps
  • Mold drying cabinet
  • Mixing Drill
  • Dedicated vent hood

Clay Mixing Area

  • 2 Soldner mixers
  • Lehman slip mixer
  • Lehman casting table
  • Dedicated vent hoods for mixers


  • Contractor-style table saw
  • Sliding miter saw
  • Band saw
  • Drill press
  • Combination belt/disc sander
  • Stihl Chainsaw
  • Various power tools

Glaze Room

  • Walk-in spray booth
  • Scales and Balances
  • Tilting dry material bins
  • Ball Mill
  • Sandblasting cabinet
  • Vent hood
  • Various mixers and tools

Ceramics Teaching Collection

The Ceramics area is pleased to offer students access to over 50 works for hands-on study by leading contemporary ceramic artists. Included in our collection are works by artists such as Lisa Orr, Sanam Emami, Doug Peltzman, Sam Chung, Mikey Walsh, and Julia Galloway. Here is a selection of our pieces: