Post-Bac Work



At the University of Arkansas, we understand the post-baccalaureate student as someone moving through a transitional stage toward a pre-determined goal. For many this goal is admission into a top-tier graduate program, for others it may be the development of a body of work that can launch a professional studio practice. The goals are varied, but whatever they may be, post-bac students at the University of Arkansas are given the time and resources to ensure their goals can be met.


Our program can accommodate students for 1-2 years. Most post-bacs take advantage of the opportunity to attend both advanced undergraduate and graduate-level seminars, and there are ample opportunities each semester for critiques and one-on-one guidance from the ceramics faculty. A requirement of the program is to produce a portfolio at the end of each semester tailored to the goals you are pursuing. At the conclusion of the first academic year, students who wish to continue for a second year must demonstrate through their portfolio that sufficient progress has been made in the preceding semesters. Total cost for the program is about 800 dollars per semester. Images from current post-bacs can be seen here

Studio Space

Our post-bacs share one 400 square foot studio, dividing and organizing the space as they see fit. The post-bac studio is a semi-private space, offering a door that separates the space from the general undergraduate studio. The post-bac studio is on the main floor, and offers easy access to kilns, mixers, raw materials, and all other studio equipment. Studio furniture is provided for each post-bac.


We expect our post-bac students to be studio leaders, demonstrating a high level of commitment to their own work and also to the betterment of the studio as a whole. Active membership in our ceramics club (the Association of Ceramic Enthusiasts) is an important part of the post-bac experience, helping to place each post-bac at the center of the ceramics community. ACE organizes multiple events each year to help raise funds for visiting artists, offset costs for students who wish to attend the annual NCECA conference, and to help contribute to studio improvements.

How to Apply

Application materials must be submitted by April 15th and applicants will be notified by email no later than May 15th. We welcome interested students to visit the school firsthand or to speak with faculty about their interest in the program before applying. For more information please email Mathew McConnell at

The following materials will be required for applying:

  • A short letter stating your interest in the program and the immediate goals you wish to pursue.
  • Ten images of your work.
  • One-page artist statement
  • Resume
  • Two names of professional references.

Applications will be accepted via Slideroom beginning on April 1st.