The Painting and Drawing programs at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville embrace both freedom and discipline. Students explore a broad spectrum of media, methods and conceptual approaches, in order to develop their own unique strengths and find their personal creative direction.

Our program begins with a strong foundation in the tradition of painting. Painting I builds proficiency in the formal skills of painting, including spatial representation, form, mark, pictorial design, and the understanding of color.

Intermediate level topic-based courses provide sustained study of varied approaches to painting, including figure and landscape painting, formal and perceptual abstraction, contemporary approaches to representation, and water media. Intermediate coursework stresses the development of conceptual content and awareness of the historical and contemporary contexts of painting.

Upper-level classes reinforce the idea of painting as a practice of inquiry. Research, questioning, and systematic experimentation form the basis for the development of an individual voice in painting. In addition to individualized studio instruction, the advanced student interacts with their peers, other faculty and visiting artists as well as engaging with the community. Professional skills are developed that prepare the student to join the community of professional artists.

While many of the faculty teach in both Painting and Drawing, we are committed to the unique possibilities of these mediums, and we offer stand alone concentrations in either Painting or Drawing, at both the undergraduate and the MFA levels.

The School of Art offers a lively visiting artist schedule, with public lectures and individual critiques offered weekly- bi-weekly from artists of national and international renown. Our visiting artist roster has recently included Chie Fueki, Gideon Bok, Susan Lichtman, Whiting Tennis, Radcliffe Bailey, Claire Sherman, Michael Ray, Mel Chin, Mark Dion, Ricky Allman, Todd Chandler, Michael Ray Charles, Leonardo Drew, and Lesley Dill, among many others.

Gallery of Student Work

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