The photography area provides a solid foundation in both the fundamental technical skills and the image-making concepts that help to develop a proficient photographer.  The program prepares students for artistic expression and, to a lesser extent, commercial application.

The introductory course, Photography I, focuses on all basic skills related to traditional methods of black and white photography; the camera, film and print darkrooms, as well as critical thinking and seeing.

Advanced coursework includes:

  • Digital Photography
  • Alternative Photographic Processes
  • Color Photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • Advanced Black and White/Large Format Photography
  • Bookmaking
  • History of Photography
  • Professional Practices in Photography
  • Special Problems in Photography
  • Graduate Seminar in Photography



  • 15 Station black and white lab with Beseler enlargers (Fall 2016)
  • 8 Station Advanced black and white lab with Omega LPL and Beseler 4×5 enlargers
  • Film development areas and film drying cabinets
  • Print drying and finishing space
  • 2 Jobo Processors for C-41 and E-6 color development
  • Digital Photography Lab
  • Macintosh Desktop and Laptops equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Epson Printers: Epson 4800, Epson P800, Epson 7890 (24″ printer), Access to departmental Epson 9890 (44″ printer)
  • Canon Printers: 3 x Canon Pixma Pro-1
  • Epson Scanners: V750, V800
  • Hasselblad Flextight X1 Scanner (35mm – 4×5 compatible)
  • Lighting Studio
  • Fully equipped with multiple strobe heads as well as continuous light set ups
  • Alternative Processes Lab
  • Flexible space supporting many processes
  • 36″ UV exposure unit

Gallery of Student Work

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