Current Students


J. William Fulbright College and the School of Art are here to help you develop your educational plan to encourate thoughtful decisions and maximize your educational opportunities.

Meeting with your Advisor

The School of Art faculty is here to help mentor your educational path, but students advisors will come from the Fulbright College Advising Center.

Call the Fulbright College Advising Center at 479-575-3307, or use UA Success to schedule an appointment.

Check out these instructions to see how to schedule an advising appointment via UA Success.

The advising center is located on the 3rd floor of Champions Hall, the main floor entering from the north, Dickson St.

Interested in meeting with a School of Art faculty? Call or email the professor for a meeting time.

Preparing for Your Advising Appointment

Review the catalog requirements for your degree.

  1. Tentatively plan your schedule, have a list of classes and times you are requesting for the academic semester.
  2. Have alternative courses noted in case your first choice is not available.

Bring a list of questions for your advisor, they are here to help you!

Planning Your Course Schedule

All undergraduate studio majors start with the Art Studio Foundation – ARTS 1919 and ARTS 1929.

Check out the Foundations webpage for detailed information about the program.

In addition, all students in the School of Art studio program will start in the Bachelors of Arts Studio Art degree plan.

During the spring semester of the first year, students will apply to any of the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs in:

_Art Education

_Art History

_Graphic Design

_Studio Art

If accepted, students will follow their specific B.F.A. degree plan and change from the B.A. degree plan.

Students track their progress in their School of Art degree plans with the aid of an advisor and the Degree Audit in UA Connect.

Major Checksheets

Find your major checksheet on the Fulbright College Advising Center website.

Fulbright College Advising Center 


BFA Mentors

Art Education // Angela LaPorte
Graphic Design // Marty Maxwell Lane
Studio Art // Mathew McConnell and Sean Morrissey

Departmental Mentors

Art History, Art History Honors // Lynn Jacobs
BA Studio Art, Studio Art Honors // Kristin Musgnug

Graduate Directors

Kristin Musgnug
Kasey  Ramirez