Current Students

Current Students

The School of Art faculty is dedicated to the success of students both in and out of the classroom. The resources in this section are here to help students navigate the academic and social aspects of their education, and develop an education plan for them to execute.

The Power is in Your Hands

You have an unique set of abilities and interests, now is the time to develop those skills and embrace college academic independence.

At the college level you will be expected to motivate yourself to attend class, complete projects and go beyond what is required. Developing reliable self-motivation sets you up for success and professional growth.

Think of everything you study as helping you to become a successful artist, art historian or art educator.

Train your eye — and practice, practice, practice

Developing the eye is a lifetime job. 

How do you develop your practice?

  • Use your sketchbook to capture things that interest you
  • Set aside time, practice time management skills
  • Embrace experimentation
  • Develop new perspectives, look past first impressions or objects
  • Receive and deliver critical feedback

Experience Art

The Northwest Arkansas area is home to many different arts organizations and events, and the arts programming in the region is plentiful.

Being immersed in the Northwest Arkansas art community is imporant to our mission as a school.

Arts in the Region

Develop Speaking and Writing Skills

Although artists have their primary focus on visual communication, being able to speak and write articulately is vitally important.

When will you use these skills?

  • Artist statements
  • Negotiation and promotion
  • Teaching
  • Grant proposals

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