Mathew S. McConnell

Mathew S. McConnell

Associate Professor of Art, Ceramics

Director of Graduate Studies, Head of Ceramics

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences

(ART)-School of Art

Phone: 479-575-5202

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Mathew McConnell holds an MFA in Ceramics from the University of Colorado at Boulder (2009) and a BFA in Studio Art from Valdosta State University (2004). McConnell has held numerous solo exhibitions and his works have been included in group exhibitions in China, Australia, New Zealand, and in many venues across the United States. He has been a summer resident and long-term resident at the Archie Bray Foundation, where he was awarded the Lilian Fellowship in 2011 and the Sage Scholarship in 2007. In 2010, McConnell served for ten months as Artist in Residence and Visiting Lecturer of Contemporary Craft at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand.

McConnell writes of his work:

My investigations begin with the works of other visual artists. Often using a form or image of another artist’s as a starting point, I recreate the work with alterations to suit my own compositional and conceptual preferences. The resulting forms vary between what could be mistaken as a facsimile of another artist’s work and an artwork with a source seemingly outside any individual reference.

Choosing works to remake and alter is as intuitive as it is arbitrary. I find myself primarily drawn to the objects I am most skeptical of. Often these are objects that raise questions about their potential role in the world if they were not to be viewed under the presumptions of an artistic practice. Many of the objects and images I choose also have a direct lineage to the works of a previous generation of artists. They too are re-worked responses to their predecessors and contemporaries.

In the construction of these replicant objects and assemblages I sometimes find myself trying to pinpoint the exact moment at which the work becomes more mine than theirs. Sometimes this moment occurs in the mere selection of a form, and at other times it does not occur at all. By careful construction of these simulated, manipulated, exalted, and subverted forms, I find, at the best of times, a means of reconciling the difference between what is the art of someone else’s creation and what is an art of my own.

Courses taught at the University of Arkansas include:

ARTS 1323: Three-Dimensional Design
ARTS 1919: Studio Foundation I: Creative Thinking
ARTS 3503: Ceramics: Handbuilding
ARTS 3523: Ceramics: Wheelthrowing
ARTS 3543: Ceramics: Slipcasting
ARTS 4573: Advanced Ceramics
ARTS 4923: Professional Development
ARTS 5913: Graduate Studio Seminar
ARTS 652V: Graduate Ceramics Seminar

MFA Studio Art (Ceramics), University of Colorado - Boulder

BFA Studio Art (Ceramics), Valdosta State University

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Solo and Two-Person Shows

2019        February, The New Gallery. Little Rock, AR
2018        February February, Mindy Solomon Gallery. Miami, FL
2018        Two-person exhibition with Jeremy Hatch, Eutectic Gallery. Portland, OR
2017        Mathew McConnell, Rall Gallery at Doane University. Crete, NE
2016        More Possibilities for Distance and Mass, Jane Hartsook Gallery at Greenwich House Pottery. New York, NY
2015        Let’s just say what we mean, Two-person exhibition with Linda Lopez. Eastfield Community College. Eastfield, TX
2013        What is Done, University of Missouri. Columbia, MO
2013        Everyday Something New, Valdosta State University. Valdosta, GA
2012        Mathew McConnell and Jinsoo Song, Anne Kittrell Gallery. Fayetteville, AR
2010        Many Things New and More of the Same, Snowhite Gallery at Unitec NZ. Auckland, New Zealand
2010        Cutting the Aces, Pitchblack Gallery at Unitec NZ. Auckland, New Zealand
2010        Sleights of Hand, Objectspace. Auckland, New Zealand
2009        Brighter Than Real, Vertigo Art Space. Denver, CO
2008        The Maerskline Project, LEAP Exhibition, Society for Contemporary Craft. Pittsburgh, PA

Selected Recent Group Exhibitions

2018        Ceramics Now 2018, Jane Hartsook Gallery at Greenwich House Pottery. New York, NY
2018        Ginger Blue, curated by Danny Baskin and Ashley Byers, Feast Gallery. Fayetteville, AR
2017        Infinity Pool, curated by Rebecca Morgan and Stephen Eakin for SPRING / BREAK Art Fair. New York, NY
2017-18   Tactic, Traveling Exhibition, curated by Rain Harris and Matt Mitros. Oregon Convention Center. Portland, OR. Kennedy Museum at Ohio University. Athens, OH. Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. Augusta, GA
2017        A Hard Swath to Mow, organized by Michael Baxley, Belger Craneyard Studios. Kansas City, MO
2016        #f*ncked!, curated by Susie Silbert and Anna Walker, Dodge Gallery, Kansas City Art Institute. MO
2016        Now and Then, curated by Casey Whittier and Blanca Guerra, Kansas City Museum. Kansas City, MO
2016        Dredged/Drawn, organized by Israel Davis and Michele Bosak, Kendall College of Art and Design. Grand Rapids, MI
2016        Accessibility by Design, curated by Susan Beiner and Brian Gillis. Vulpes Bastille. Kansas City, MO
2016        Shades at The Bedfellows Club, Curated by Jess Hirsch and Haynes Riley of Good Weather Gallery. Little Rock, AR
2015        One Nite Standard, organized by Sam King, LaLaLand. Fayetteville, AR
2015        Constructed, curated by Peter Johnson, Nightingale Gallery, Eastern Oregon University. La Grande, OR