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Justice, Equity, Access, Diversity, and Inclusion _

 The School of Art is committed to ensuring a welcoming and inclusive climate aimed at fostering collaboration, community and open dialogue, while embracing the background, identities, and perspectives of all students, faculty and staff.

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EDI Committee Co-Chairs
Ana Pulido Rull,  associate professor of art history
Injeong Yoon , associate professor                                                                

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The School of Art is committed to building and sustaining an inclusive learning community that prioritizes underrepresented and under-served backgrounds, identities, and perspectives. The School seeks to model an environment promoting equal access to the arts, art history, and design for a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff, supporting each member's unique values, perspectives, experiences, and needs.

The School of Art envisions:

_Cultivating an inclusive environment fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration, open dialogue, and critical thinking

_Establish curriculum marked by empathy and equity that reaches outside the traditional canon

_Supporting and promoting a diverse range of research practices that lead critical dialog's in multiple disciplines

_Encourage students to utilize critical visual thinking and creative methodologies to interrogate and destabilize systemic hegemonic power structures.

Through the creation of art and design, and through the study of history of art, the School of Art hopes to promote change and push past historically fixed boundaries within all the fields so students can become creative contributors within a globally conscious society.

The School of Art is committed to taking action and establishing goals to be more intentional in our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Below are goals currently in action. These action items are not a comprehensive list, but a reflection of what is currently under way as the School of Art navigates its way towards a more inclusive and equitable world.

_Prioritize implementing the SoArt's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan

_Create a 2 Million Dollar endowment to support diversity, equity and inclusion

_Establish specific scholarship opportunities for diversity to support graduate and undergraduate students

_Plan a townhall meeting for School of Art students, we want to hear from you

_Provide faculty and staff funding for training and books related to equity, diversity, and inclusion

_Set diversity goals for recruiting faculty and students

_Update our mission and values statement to reflect the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan

_Add a senior diversity leadership position to the School of Art

_Continue highlighting faculty and students current work and efforts addressing DEI issues

_Convene a SoArt Advisory Group for Diversity and Inclusion that includes faculty, students, staff, and outside academia

The  School of Art and JEADI Committee is pleased to offer two types of grants for School of Art students.

Both grants promote the School of Art's Culture of Care initiative by supporting students financially in long-term artistic projects that fall under the mission of the JEADI Committee.

Applications for the grants are open April 1-22. 

Undergraduate and graduate School of Art students are eligible for these grants. Awards are unable to be processed post-graduation.

_Macro Grants support students financialy in long-term artistic projects that fall under the mission of the JEADI Committee.  This grant offers a maximum of $3,000 per project. If the project requires additional funding, applicants are encouraged to apply for continued support during the next grant cycle. Preference will be given to collaborative projects.


_Micro Grants support students financially in short-term artistic projects that fall under the mission of the JEADI Committee. After the initial deadline of April 22 applications will be taken on a rolling basis and can support up to $1,500 per applicant.


The Justice, Equity, Access, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee serves as a working group, task force, and School committee  to create and sustain an inclusive environment in the School of Art. 

The committee is made up of faculty, staff, and student representation from various programs and areas with the focus of discussing strategic planning, concerns, initiatives, and education and resources related to diversity,  equity, and inclusion.


_Jennifer Greenhill, Endowed Professor of Art History

_Christopher Schulte, Endowed Associate Professor of Art Education and Assistant Director of the School of Art


_Dina Benbrahim, Endowed Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

_Rebecca Drolen, Assistant Professor of Studio Art, Photography

_Gaby Hernandez, Endowed Associate Professor of Graphic Design

_Donna Jones, Director of Recruitment and Outreach

_Breanne Trammell, Assistant Professor of Studio Art, Printmaking

Student Representatives:

_Skyler Maggiore

_Melissa Loney

_University of Arkansas:

Education and Training: https://diversity.uark.edu/resources/education-and-training.php

Campus Resource Centers: https://diversity.uark.edu/resources/campus-resource-centers.php

Diversity Connections: https://diversityconnections.uark.edu/

Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance: https://oeoc.uark.edu 

Title IX: https://titleix.uark.edu/

STAR Central: https://health.uark.edu/wellness-health/sexualassault.php

Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education: https://multicultural.uark.edu/

La Oficina Latina: https://multicultural.uark.edu/diversity-and-inclusion/programs/la-oficina-latina.php

LGBTQIA Mentoring: https://multicultural.uark.edu/diversity-and-inclusion/programs/lgbtqia.php

Safe Zone Allies: https://multicultural.uark.edu/diversity-and-inclusion/programs/safe-zone.php

Center for Educational Access: https://cea.uark.edu/

Student Support Services: https://sss.uark.edu/

Counseling and Psychological Services: https://health.uark.edu/mental-health/index.php

Veterans Resource and Information Center: https://veteranscenter.uark.edu 

University of Arkansas Libraries Diversity and Inclusion: https://libraries.uark.edu/diversity/ 

National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Undergraduate Fellows Program: https://nufp.uark.edu/

U of A Cares: https://uofacares.uark.edu/ 

_Registered Student Organizations:

Black Students Association: https://hogsync.uark.edu/organization/black-students-association

Black Graduate Student Association: https://hogsync.uark.edu/organization/bgsa

Big Brothers, Big Sisters: https://hogsync.uark.edu/organization/big-brothers-big-sisters

Diversity and Inclusion Student Council: https://hogsync.uark.edu/organization/diversity-and-inclusion-student-council

International Students Organization: https://hogsync.uark.edu/organization/international-students-organization

Latinx Graduate Student Organization: https://hogsync.uark.edu/organization/lgso

Mental Health Awareness Organization: https://hogsync.uark.edu/organization/mental-health-awareness-organization

Native American Student Association: https://hogsync.uark.edu/organization/native-american-student-association

People Respecting the Individual Differences and Equality (PRIDE): https://hogsync.uark.edu/organization/pride 

_Local and Regional:

NWA Center for Equality: http://nwaequality.org/

Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition: http://www.artranscoalition.org/

Canopy NWA: http://www.canopynwa.org/

River Valley Equality Center: http://rvecark.org/


Trans Lifeline: https://www.translifeline.org/

The Trevor Project: https://www.thetrevorproject.org/

 To report any concerns, please contact report.uark.edu.