Galleries & Facilities

Galleries and Facilities

Fine Arts Center Gallery

Dedicated to serving the University of Arkansas community, as well as the Northwest Arkansas public, the Fine Arts Center Gallery is a non-profit gallery geared towards an interdisciplinary interpretation of art and culture. As an extension of a large research and teaching institution, The Fine Arts Center Gallery is an incubator for stimulating critical thought and the appreciation for works of art, chiefly in the 20th and 21st century.

Fine Arts Gallery

University of Arkansas Student Gallery (SugAR)

sUgAR, the University of Arkansas Student Gallery, is a student-run exhibition space located at 1 E. Center Street in downtown Fayetteville.

SugAR Gallery

Windgate Art + Design District

The 33,000-square-foot Sculpture Studio, located on 744 South Hill Avenue in South Fayetteville, is the future Windgate Art + Design District.  The complex was redesigned and renovated by architects with Modus Studio in Fayetteville and El Dorado Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri.

Art & Design District

Fine Arts Library

The Fine Arts Library opened as a branch in 1951 when the acclaimed Fine Arts Center, designed by Edward Durell Stone, was completed. The building was thought to be one of the first of its kind combining art, architecture, music, dance, speech, and drama in one building with the support spaces of a theater, concert hall, gallery, and library. Through the years, as the academic programs have grown, most programs have moved into other spaces on campus. The classroom space in the building is now fully occupied by the Art Department, while the Fine Arts Library maintains materials relating to art and architecture.

Fine Arts Library