Chris Rodgers

Expected Graduation Date 2019 // Download CV // View Website

Christopher Rodgers, a native of Charleston, WV, received his BA in studio art from West Virginia State University in 2012. Upon earning his degree he moved to Beijing, China where he taught English for one year. Rodgers studied as a post-baccalaureate student at Kansas State University from 2014-2015, where much of his work referenced his experiences of living in Asia. Recently, he completed a graduate level semester at Tainan National University of the Arts in Taiwan. Rodgers work explores how modern society operates within a constant and vast flow of objects and information at a rate that has never before existed. He is interested in the construction of the everyday object, its path that moves it from where it was assembled to its end destination, including the infrastructure that creates its network. Rather than only seeing the final product of an object, it is important for him that the history of what led to the end result also be questioned.



For What You Carried


Invisible Worlds


Order Disorder


Unexplored Paths