Our Work

Check out some of the work by our current MFA candidates, or visit the faculty directory for more information and work by our faculty. 

Alexis Kurtzman // Printmaking
Cassaundra Sanderson // Painting
Chase Young // Sculpture
Chris Rodgers // Ceramics
Danny Baskin // Sculpture
Erin Gardner // Photography
Esther Nooner // Photography
Jody Travis Thompson // Painting
Jongin Choi // Painting
Katrina Ratterman // Ceramics
Lauren Whitmore // Printmaking
Lindsey Heiden // Ceramics

Lucas Knowles // Ceramics
Makayla Songer // Printmaking
Maryam Amirvaghefi // painting
Mike Pennekamp // Printmaking
Nicholas Cox // Sculpture
Owen Buffington // Drawing
Parker Boales // Sculpture
Rich Peterson // Ceramics
Sam Mack // Ceramics
Hannah Thomas McBroom / Painting
Ziba Rajabi // Painting