Maryam Amirvaghefi

Expected Graduation Date 2018 // Download CV // View Website

Maryamsadat Amirvaghefi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1989. Amiravghefi works are interdisciplinary working in the mediums of painting, video art, and sculpture. She completed her BFA at the Sooreh University, Tehran, Iran in 2013. She has participated in group shows in Tehran and USA. She curated two shows with Iranian and American young artists in Tehran, Iran and Fayetteville, USA. Her works have been published in Studio visit magazine and Average Art Magazine. Amirvaghefi lives and works in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Recent Work


Hopeless Game

Basketball Hoop, dead butterfly

The Most Hopeless Ball In The World

Concrete, dead butterfly


Fired porcelain

Memory of a Loser

Mixed Media

Your Balls Are Too Fragile To Fight Me

Acrylic color, collage