Undergraduate Programs

The School of Art offers two undergraduate programs leading to degrees: Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

Freshman Foundations

The Foundations program borrows from intensive, art school Foundations formats, while leaving room for students to pursue general core requirements. Students attend class two days a week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday), and on Thursday evenings attend lectures and other activities.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program is designed to offer students a more specialized program of study. Because there is a greater emphasis on art courses than in the BA program, the student graduates with a more intensive studio background.

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a liberal arts oriented degree consisting of 120 hours with concentrations offered in Studio Art and Art History.The course of study is designed to offer students a broad cultural education and is ideal for students wishing to do a double major or to minor in another area.

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Minor in Art History

Requirements for a Minor in Art History: A minimum of 18 semester hours to include ARTS 1013, ARHS 2913, ARHS 2923, and three additional art history courses. A student must notify the school of his or her intent to minor. The minor is especially suitable for students majoring in anthropology, English, foreign languages, history, philosophy, and music.