Daniel D. Magoulick

Daniel D. Magoulick

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences

(BISC)-Biological Sciences

Phone: 479-575-5449

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My research efforts are focused on factors affecting population and community dynamics of freshwater fish and invertebrates, especially the role of disturbance in community dynamics, impacts of introduced species in aquatic ecosystems and conservation of aquatic ecosystems.  My recent research includes, 1) flow-ecology relationships and environmental flows assessment for the Ozark-Ouachita Interior Highlands region, 2) factors affecting distribution, abundance and population genetics of imperiled fish and crayfish, 3) effects of drought and stream drying on fish and crayfish population and community dynamics, 4) modeling effects of climate change on fish and crayfish growth, refuge use and species persistence, 5) influence of flow disturbance on fish and crayfish consumers and how they in turn affect stream ecosystem structure and function, 6) the relationship between land use, flow regime, habitat complexity and fish assemblage structure, 7) the potential spread of invasive species and mechanisms of displacement of native species, and 8) the influence of abiotic and biotic factors on habitat selection by stream fish and crayfish.  As part of this work, I attempt to bridge the gap between studies done at small spatial scales and the larger spatial scales necessary to understand how disturbance and movement affect population and community dynamics in stream ecosystems. These projects and related work are carried out using a combination of observation, experimentation in the field and lab, and modeling approaches.

Biometry, Conservation Biology and Fish Ecology

Biometry, Fish Biology, Conservation Biology

Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, 1994.

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