David George Krementz

David George Krementz

Affiliate Faculty

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences

(BISC)-Biological Sciences

Phone: 479-575-7560

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Habitat use, population dynamics, American woodcock, secretive marsh birds, webless game birds.

Wildlife Management and Techniques, Wetlands Ecology.

Berdeen, J. B., and D. G. Krementz. 2013. Unusual Courtship Behaviors by Male American Woodcock. Southeastern Naturalist 12:N1-N5.

Lehnen, S. E., and D. G. Krementz. 2013. Use of Aquaculture Ponds and Other Habitats by Autumn Migrating Shorebirds along the Lower Mississippi River. Environmental Management 52:417-426.

Krementz, D.G., R. Crossett, and S.E. Lehnen. 2014. Nocturnal Field Use by Fall Migrating American Woodcock in the Delta of Arkansas. Journal of Wildlife Management 78:264-272.

Carroll, J. M., and D. G. Krementz. 2014. Density and abundance of wintering Wilson's snipe in the Mississippi Flyway. Wildlife Biology 20:108-114.