Nagayasu Nakanishi

Nagayasu Nakanishi

Assistant Professor

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences

(BISC)-Biological Sciences

Phone: 479-575-2031

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I am broadly interested in understanding early animal evolution. In particular, I combine descriptive and experimental approaches in marine invertebrates from early-diverging animal groups (e.g sea anemones, jellyfish and sponges) to determine key molecular, cellular and developmental factors underpinning the origin and early evolution of sensory and nervous systems.

BIOL480V/BIOL580V/CEMB590V: Developmental Evolution (Fall)

BIOL3023: Evolutionary Biology (Spring)

Ph.D. Biology 2009 University of California, Los Angeles

B.S. Ecology, Behavior and Evolution 2002 University of California, San Diego

Refereed journal articles


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Faculty of 1000 article (rated Ffa6): 2012. F1000.com/13491985


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Books/ book chapters


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