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November 2, 2017

Dr. Andrew Alverson

Biology Professor Receives NSF CAREER Award to Study Diatoms

September 20, 2017

Drs. Marlis and Michael Douglas

Biological Sciences and Arkansas High Performance Computing Center Host Bioinformatics Workshop

September 18, 2017

Dr. Adam Siepielski

Fulbright College Announces 2017 Winners of King, Nolan, and OMNI Awards

September 1, 2017

Dr. J.D. Willson

Pythons in the Everglades

July 27, 2017

Meredith Swartwout

Combing the Jungle Floor for Tiny Lizard Eggs

June 26, 2017

Dr. Steve Stephenson

Searching for Slime Molds on Christmas Island

June 21, 2017

Dr. JD Wilson

Biologist Developed New Method to Calculate Populations of Elusive Species

June 6, 2017

Dr. Jeff Lewis

Yeast Study Examines How Cells Respond and Adapt to Heat Stress

May 9, 2017

Dr. Shilpa Iyer

STEAM-H Initiative Offers Collaborative Approach to Education, Community Engagement 

May 3, 2017

Dr. Tim Kral, Dr. Michael Ceballos,

Dr. Daniel Lessner

 U of A has Strong Showing at "AbSciCon" 2017 Astrobiology Science Conference 

May 2, 2017

Dr. Michael Ceballos

U of A Forges Relationship With Two of Vietnam's Largest Universities

April 27, 2017

Dr. Douglas Rhoads

Rhoads, Hill, Hartwell Earn Collis R. Geren Awards

April 14, 2017

Dr. Steve Stephenson

Biological Sciences Professor Steve Stephenson Travels to India on a Fulbright Specialist Award

April 6, 2017

Erik Pollock

New Lab Helps Scientists Study the Earth's Oldest Fossils, Minerals, Rocks

March 30, 2017

UA Wildlife Society

The Wildlife Society Members Have Best Conclave Finish in Program History

March 13, 2017

Drs. Marlis and Michael Douglas

Steven Mussmann

Illinois Prairie Chickens Could Disappear Without More Sustained Management

March 3, 2017

Dr. Adam Siepielski

Link Between Climate Variation and Natural Selection

January 27, 2017

Drs. Marlis and Michael Douglas

Tracking Bhutan's Big, Iconic Fishes

December 7, 2016

Mitchell Pruitt

Seeing the Saw-Whet

November 16, 2016

Aditi Lele

Honing in on Hornbills

November 8, 2016

Dr. Michael Ceballos

Nurturing International Research Collaborations

November 7, 2016

Joe Moore

Chasing Woodcock

November 1, 2016

Dr. Shilpa Iyer

Faculty Will Use a $1.4 Million Grant to Research Incurable Disease

October 25, 2016

Dr. Ralph Henry

Outside the Lab: Going Bananas

October 21, 2016

Anant Deshwal

Bulbuls and Babblers, a Bee-Eater and More

October 13, 2016

Dr. Shilpa Iyer

U of A to Lead $1.4 Million Study to Detect Origin of Rare Disease

October 12, 2016

Kelly Halloran

Sniffing Out Salamanders 

September 7, 2016

Dr. Tim Evans

Fulbright College Announces 2016 Connor Faculty Fellows

August 18, 2016

Mitchell Pruitt

The Search for Secretive Saw-Whets

August 16, 2016

Dr. Tim Kral


August 4, 2016

Meredith Swartwout

Losing Leaf Litter Lizards

August 3, 2016

Dr. Tim Evans

NIH Awards $440,000 to U of A Neurobiologist for Gene Research

July 27, 2016

Dr. Steven Beaupre

Dr. Ralph Henry

Fulbright College Names New Associate Dean and Academic Leaders

May 6, 2016

Dr. Andy Alverson

U of A Evolutionary Biologist Awarded $540,000 by Simons Foundation

May 3, 2016

Drs. Marlis and Michael Douglas

Biologists Find the Arizona Black Rattlesnake on 'Extinction Trajectory'