Fall 2021 BISC Virtual Seminar Series

Thursday at 3:30 PM, unless otherwise noted.

Date Title/Topic Presenter  Host
Why do we like different things?
Using butterflies to understand diversity in  preferences
Dr. Erica Westerman Dr. David McNabb
Patient Inspired Research, Education and Service for Understanding Mitochondrial Diseases Dr. Shilpa Iyer Dr. David McNabb
From mutations to macroevolution, what we learn from biodiversity genomics  Prof. Guojie Zhang Dr. Xuan Zhuang
Volcanos, Viruses, Chickens, Viruses, Seizures, Viruses Dr. Michael Ceballos Dr. David McNabb
Integration of traits and diversification:  Lessons from large phylogenies Dr. Rosana Zenil-Ferguson BGSA
Nits to powerhouses:  Using lice and their associates to help untangle host-symbiont evolution Dr. Andrew Sweet, Arkansas State University Dr. Jeff Lewis
  Dr. Mansi Srivastava, Harvard University  
Avian Vacuolar Myelinopathy and Bald Eagles from Lake DeGray, Arkansas Dr. Susan Wilde, University of Georgia Dr. Donald Catanzaro
11/11/2021 Postdoc Symposium Dr. Tyler Fox Magoulick
11/18/2021 Postdoc Symposium Dr. Miguel Gomez             Dr. Erin Sauer
Siepielski DuRant
11/25/2021 No Seminar Thanksgiving  
12/02/2021   Dr. Katherine Willmore BGSA
12/09/2021   Dr. Tameka Bailey Dr. Jeff Lewis




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