Spring 2019 Seminar Schedule

Thursday at 3:30 PM in SCEN 604, with a reception at 3:00 in SCEN 502 (coffee and snacks) unless otherwise noted.

Date Title/Topic Presenter
01/17/2019 "Applications of Stable Isotopic and Elemental Analysis for the Biological Science." Erik Pollock, University of Arkansas
1/24/2019 "The Causes and Consequences of Salamander Life Cycle Evolution." Dr. Ronald Bonett, University of Tulsa
01/31/2019 tba tba
02/07/2019 "Using transcriptomics and genome editing to understand coral symbiosis and bleaching." Dr. Phillip Cleves, Sanford University
02/14/2019 "Glucose Disturbance in Alzheimer’s Disease is not Diabetes – Red Herring has a High Glycemic Index" Dr. Steven Barger, UAMS
02/21/2019 "Neurological and Cognitive Changes Following Cancer Treatment" Dr. Antiño Allen, UAMS
02/28/2019 “Between a Pod and a Hard Test: Deep Evolution and Development of Amoeboid Microbes” Dr. Matthew Brown, Mississippi State Univ
03/07/2019 "A Mitochondrial Etiology of the Common Complex Disease" Dr. Douglas Wallace, Child. Hosp. Philadelphia
03/14/2019 "Feeding colds and starving fevers? Evolutionary theory illustrates why appetite during illness matters" Dr. Jessica Hite, Univ Nebraska
03/21/2019 No Seminar - Spring Break n/a
03/28/2019 "Heart Attack and Mitochondria:The Powerhouses become a menace" Dr. Edward Lesnefsky Jr., VA Commonwealth University
04/04/2019 No Seminar - Fulbright College Faculty Meeting n/a
04/11/2019 "Floral traits, friends and foes: Nocturnal pollination and herbivory in the evening primrose family, Onagraceae" Dr. Krissa Skogen, Chicago Botanical Garden
04/11/2019 "Pleistocene Cacophony:  Crested Wildebeest of the East African Rift" Haley O'Brien, Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
04/18/2019 “Ploidy dynamics of an opportunistic fungal pathogen” Dr. Meleah Hickman, Emory
04/25/2019 “Mind control is real! How parasitic manipulators alter brain and behavior” Dr. Shelley Adamo, Dalhousie University
05/02/2019 **Cancelled** Carlos Moraes, University of Miami
05/08/2019 No Seminar - Final Exams n/a




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