Fall 2020 BISC Virtual Seminar Series Schedule

Thursday at 3:30 PM, unless otherwise noted.

This is a recurring weekly Zoom with an ID of 893 6659 8329 and a passcode of Bisc-F2020. You can also join using the following link: https://uark.zoom.us/j/89366598329?pwd=bTI2UHVVei8zNFIwMG1KcUk1TVJ3Zz09

Date Title/Topic Presenter
09/10/2020 Macroevolutionary Questions Without Limits Jeremy Beaulieu
09/17/2020 Understanding the Patterns, Causes, and Consequences of Spatial Heterogeneity for Sustainable Land Management Kusum Naithani
09/24/2020 Avian incubation behavior links environmental conditions with
offspring phenotype
Sarah DuRant

Phenotypic plasticity and adaptive evolution:
Are we asking the right questions?

Cameron Ghalambor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

10/29/2020 Darwin’s Mad Dream: What error and invention tell us about how science works Bill McComas, UARK College of Education and Health Professions
11/05/2020 The Great Life-Cycle Scam Fred Spiegel
11/12/2020 Social and developmental plasticity and the origin of novelty in mating signals and mate preferences: a case study in Enchenopa treehoppers Rafael Rodriguez Sevilla, UW-Milwaukee
11/19/2020 Nutritional constraints on cognitive and life history evolution: from butterfly brains to salty roadsides Emilie Snell-Rood, Univ. Minnesota
11/26/2020 No Seminar - Thanksgiving Break  
12/04/2020 tba Elizabeth Padilla Crespo, La Universidad Interamericana (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)
12/10/2020  tba  Tiffany Lyle, Purdue




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