Fall 2019 Seminar Schedule

Thursday at 3:30 PM in SCEN 604, with a reception at 3:00 in SCEN 502 (coffee and snacks) unless otherwise noted.

Date Title/Topic Presenter
08/29/2019 **Canceled** Tiffany Lyle, Purdue
09/05/2019 Control of Aspergillus flavus growth and infection Dr. Jocelyn Moore, Philander Smith College
09/12/2019 The complexity and dynamics of cellular stress responses Dr. Jeff Lewis 
09/19/2019 The Effects of Dynamically Changing Environments on
Osmoregulation and Growth:  Insights from the Euryhaline
Mozambique Tilapia
Dr. Andre Seale, Univ. of Hawaii Manoa
09/26/2019 Chance matters to reproductive success and evolution Shripad Tuljapurkar, Stanford University
10/03/2019 No Seminar Fulbright College Faculty Meeting 
10/10/2019 The Biology of Methanogens:  A window to the past and
an avenue to the future
Dr. Dan Lessner, University of Arkansas
10/17/2019 Finch in a pinch: effects of anthropogenic change on endemic birds in the Galapagos Islands Dr. Sarah Knutie, University of Connecticut
10/24/2019 Intergenomic Mechanisms Underlying Aging and Cancer Dr. Keshav Singh, Univ. of Alabama
10/31/2019 From Elements To Elk and Elephants: Effects of Nutrients and Herbivores in Global Grasslands Dr. Elizabeth Borer, Univ. of Minnesota
11/07/2019 Fueling defense? Resources and the ecology and evolution of macroparasite (co)infections Dr. Sarah Budischak, Scripps, Claremont
11/14/2019 The journey and the destination: Sensory cues used by monarch butterflies during their fall migration to their overwintering sites Dr. Patrick Guerra , University of Cincinnati
11/21/2019 Morphogenesis across length scales: forces organizing cell behaviors in tissues Dr. Karen Kasza, Columbia University
11/28/2019 No Seminar Thanksgiving Break
12/05/2019 Insights on Being a Scientist Outside Of Academia Dr. Crystal Romero Upperman, Global Commission on Adaptation
12/12/2019 Molecular and cellular signaling governs cardiac development and disease Kunhua Song, Univ. of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus 
12/19/2019 No Seminar Finals




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