Past Departmental Seminars

Spring 2019 Seminar Schedule

Thursday at 3:30 PM in SCEN 604, with a reception at 3:00 in SCEN 502 (coffee and snacks) unless otherwise noted.

Date Title/Topic Presenter
01/17/2019 "Applications of Stable Isotopic and Elemental Analysis for the Biological Science." Erik Pollock, University of Arkansas
1/24/2019 "The Causes and Consequences of Salamander Life Cycle Evolution." Dr. Ronald Bonett, University of Tulsa
01/31/2019 tba tba
02/07/2019 "Using transcriptomics and genome editing to understand coral symbiosis and bleaching." Dr. Phillip Cleves, Sanford University
02/14/2019 "Glucose Disturbance in Alzheimer’s Disease is not Diabetes – Red Herring has a High Glycemic Index" Dr. Steven Barger, UAMS
02/21/2019 "Neurological and Cognitive Changes Following Cancer Treatment" Dr. Antiño Allen, UAMS
02/28/2019 “Between a Pod and a Hard Test: Deep Evolution and Development of Amoeboid Microbes” Dr. Matthew Brown, Mississippi State Univ
03/07/2019 "A Mitochondrial Etiology of the Common Complex Disease" Dr. Douglas Wallace, Child. Hosp. Philadelphia
03/14/2019 "Feeding colds and starving fevers? Evolutionary theory illustrates why appetite during illness matters" Dr. Jessica Hite, Univ Nebraska
03/21/2019 No Seminar - Spring Break n/a
03/28/2019 "Heart Attack and Mitochondria:The Powerhouses become a menace" Dr. Edward Lesnefsky Jr., VA Commonwealth University
04/04/2019 No Seminar - Fulbright College Faculty Meeting n/a
04/11/2019 "Floral traits, friends and foes: Nocturnal pollination and herbivory in the evening primrose family, Onagraceae" Dr. Krissa Skogen, Chicago Botanical Garden
04/11/2019 "Pleistocene Cacophony:  Crested Wildebeest of the East African Rift" Haley O'Brien, Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
04/18/2019 “Ploidy dynamics of an opportunistic fungal pathogen” Dr. Meleah Hickman, Emory
04/25/2019 “Mind control is real! How parasitic manipulators alter brain and behavior” Dr. Shelley Adamo, Dalhousie University
05/02/2019 **Cancelled** Carlos Moraes, University of Miami
05/08/2019 No Seminar - Final Exams n/a

Spring 2018 Seminar Schedule

Thursday at 4PM in SCEN 604, with a reception at 3:30 in SCEN 502 (coffee and snacks) unless otherwise noted.

Date Title/Topic Presenter
01/18/2018 No Seminar  No Seminar
01/25/2018 To Be Announced

Dr. Rob Denton, University of Connecticut

02/01/2018 No Seminar No Seminar

Behavior influences population persistence and structure in an insular songbird system.

Dr. Jennifer Mortensen, University of Arkansas
02/12/2018 Disease Ecology faculty search seminar Faculty Candidate
02/15/2018 Developmental Genetics faculty search seminar Faculty Candidate
02/19/2018 Developmental Genetics faculty search seminar Faculty Candidate
02/22/2018 Developmental Genetics faculty search seminar Faculty Candidate
02/26/2018 Disease Ecology faculty search seminar Faculty Candidate
03/01/2018 Disease Ecology faculty search seminar Faculty Candidate
03/05/2018 Developmental Genetics faculty search seminar Faculty Candidate
 03/12/2018 Disease Ecology faculty search seminar Faculty Candidate
03/15/2018 To Be Announced  
03/22/2018 No Seminar Spring Break
03/29/2018 Christmas (Island) in May and a visit to Shoolini University  Dr. Steve Stephenson, Research Professor
04/05/2018 Life in the Fast Lane: My Career as a Community Ecologist Dr. Kimberly G. Smith, Distinguished Professor
04/12/2018 Eco-evolutionary dynamics in Galapagos Dr. Andrew Hendry, McGill University
04/19/2018 Phylogeny and diversification of the paintbrushes (Castilleja,  Orobanchaceae): A recent and rapid radiation in the face of repeated hybridization. Dr. David Tank, University of Idaho
04/26/2018 A tale of two fishes: perils and predictions for white- and red-blooded notothenioids in the Southern Ocean. Dr. Lisa Crockett, Ohio University
05/03/2018 A Mitochondrial Etiology of the Common Complex Disease Dr. Douglas C. Wallace, University of Pennsylvania
05/10/2018 The causes and consequences of fungal community structure. Dr. Geoffrey Zahn, Utah Valley University

Fall 2017 Seminar Schedule

Thursday at 4PM in SCEN 604, with a reception at 3:30 in SCEN 502 (coffee and snacks)

Date Title/Topic Presenter
 8/31/2017 From Individuals to Landscapes: Integrating Responses to a Changing World  Dr. John D. Wilson, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
 9/12/2017 Illuminating Diatom Dark Matter: Evolution and Diversification of a Hyperdiverse Eukaryotic Lineage  Dr. Andy Alverson, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
 9/14/2017 Aquaporin Channels and Osmoregulation in the Spiny Dogfish Shark, Squalusacanthias  Dr. Chris Cutler, Georgia Southern University
 9/21/2017 Dynamics of Retrovirus Colonization of a Mammalian Genome: A Source of Innovation or just Detrimental Detritus?  Dr. Mary Poss, Penn State University
 9/28/2017  Through Thick and Thin: How Fruit Flies Help Us Understand Energy Balance  Dr. Michael Lehmann, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
 10/05/2017 Being Wrong in Science and Elsewhere  Dr. Walter Dodds, Kansas State University 
 10/12/2017  Field Test of Multiple Sensory Cues in Sex Recognition and Harassment in a Color Polymorphic Damselfly: A Cautionary Tale  Dr. Ola Fincke, University of Oklahoma
10/19/2017 Ethnobotanically-Informed Conservation in Southern Mozambique's Human-Modified Landscapes Dr. Jen Shaffer, University of Maryland 
10/26/2017 The Population Genetic Context of Resource Specialization and Coevolution in Crossbills (Loxia) Dr. Thomas Parchman, University of Nevada, Reno
11/02/2017 The Dynamics and Outcome of Adaptive Evolution Dr. David Gresham, NYU
11/09/2017 Ramblings of a Dinosaur-Reflections of a Career as a Federal Wildlife Biologist  Dr. David Krementz, University of Arkansas Fayetteville
11/16/2017 Analyzing RNA Polymerase II With Genomics Approaches: An Old Dog With New Tricks? Dr. Julia Zeitlinger, Stowers Institute
11/23/2017 Thanksgiving Holiday


Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule

Thursday at 4PM in SCEN 604, with a reception at 3:30 in SCEN 502 (coffee and snacks)

Date Title/Topic Presenter
01/19/2017 Incubation temperature-induced phenotypes in birds and its implications for avian ecology, evolution, and conservation. Dr. Sarah DuRant, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater                   
01/24/2017 The Heart and the Head: Implications of Cardiovascular Disease and Intervention on the Brain. Dr. Hanna Jensen, University of Arkansas
1/26/2017 An Experimental Study of Adaptation in Real Time in the Real World. Dr. Joseph Travis, Florida State University, Tallahassee
02/02/2017 Neuronal circuits underlying the relationship between sleep and memory/plasticity. Evolutionary Neurobiology Search Candidate
02/09/2017 Reconstructing the early evolution of sensory and neural systems in animals. Evolutionary Neurobiology Search Candidate
02/16/2017 Vocal development: from songbirds to humans. Evolutionary Neurobiology Search Candidate
02/23/2017 Glutamate Signaling in Reward-Related Behaviors. Evolutionary Neurobiology Search Candidate
03/02/2017 Consulting in Water Resources: A Synoptic Survey of Environmental Consulting and Recent GBMc and Associates Projects Greg Phillips, GBMc and Associates, Bryant, Arkansas
03/09/2017 Evolution of Gene Expression From Mutation to Polymorphism to Divergence Dr. Trisha Wittkopp, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
03/16/2017            The Evolution of Reproductive Isolation in Drosophila Dr. Daniel Matute, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
03/28/2017 MetaGenomic Species in Clinical Isolates Dr. David Ussery, University of Arkansas, Medical Sciences
03/30/2017 Neuroprotective and Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy in a Pig Stroke Model Dr. Frank West, University of Georgia, Athens
04/06/2017 Hot Spots and Hot Moments: How Wildlife Predation and Movement Influence Ecosystem Heterogeneity Dr. Joseph Bump, Michigan Technological University
04/13/2017 Using Stochastic Models to Find Genes With Adaptive Expression Dr. Rori Rohlfs, San Francisco State University
04/14/2017 Developing New Spatio-Temporal Population Viability Models for the Conservation of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout in the Great Basin Desert Dr. Douglas Leasure, River Basin Center, Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia
4/18/2017 The Evolution and Genetic Control of Stress Tolerance: How Age, Season, and Behavior Shape Fitness in Drosophila Dr. Elizabeth Everman, Division of Biology, Kansas State University
04/20/2017 Mucins: Barrier to Infection Dr. Ilene Gipson, Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School
04/21/2017 Molecular Ecology of Blue Crab Diseases Dr. Tim Sullivan, University of Louisiana
04/27/2017 Genetic Relationships Within the Genus Penstemon in the Desert Highlands Dr. Mikel Stevens, Brigham Young University
05/04/2017 Polyploidy and the the Origins of Novelty: Impact of Duplication on Genomes and Network Evolution Dr. Chris Pires, University of Missouri
05/11/2017 Hypobarophilic Bacteria Capable of Growth under Martian Conditions of 7 mbar, 0 C, and CO2-enriched Anoxic Atmospheres Dr. Andrew Shuerger, Univ of Florida, Space Life Sciences Lab, Kennedy Space Center

Fall 2016 Seminar Schedule

Thursday at 4PM in SCEN 604, with a reception at 3:30 in SCEN 502 (coffee and snacks)

Date Title/Topic Presenter
09/08/2016 Dr. Mary Power, UC-Berkeley
09/15/2016 Upgrading Protein Synthesis  Dr. Chenguang Fan, Chemistry&Biochemistry, UA
10/13/2016 An expedition to the world’s oldest desert Dr. Steve Stephenson, BISC
10/20/2016 Meet your newest ancestor: Current knowledge and future research on Homo naledi. Dr. Lucas Delezene, Anthropology
11/03/2016 Solving the ponderosa pine puzzle Dr. Ann Willyard, Hendrix
11/10/2016 The interplay between ecology and evolution in predator-prey dynamics Dr. Matt Walsh, UT-Arlington
11/17/2016 Demystifying Alaska's Mushrooms Dr. Gary A. Laursen, Director
High Latitude Mycological Research Institute and Adjunct Professor, UAF
12/1/2016 The influence of foraging strategy on mercury exposure in sympatrically breeding Pygoscelis penguins Dr. Rebecca Brasso, Southeast Missouri SU
12/8/2016 The Best Offense is a Good Defense: Repressing Non-Retinal Fates in the Fly Eye Dr. Justin Kumar, Department of Biology, Indiana University

Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule

Thursday at 4PM in SCEN 604, with a reception at 3:30 in SCEN 502 (coffee and snacks)

Date Title Presenter
1-15-15 Social behavior and mutualism in the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum and its bacterial symbionts Joan Strassman (Washington University)
1-22-15 TBA Aquatic Ecology Candidate
1-29-15 TBA Aquatic Ecology Candidate
2-5-15 TBA Aquatic Ecology Candidate
2-12-15 TBA Aquatic Ecology Candidate
2-19-15 The Subantarctic Macquarie Island Dr. Steve Stephenson, Department of Biological Sciences
2-26-15 How to make a sexy snake: estrogen activation of pheromone expression Dr. Rocky Parker, Washington and Lee University
3-5-15 No Seminar  
3-12-15 Tuberculosis & Diagnostics in the Molecular Era Dr. Don Catanzaro
Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies: Where we have failed and how we will succeed Johnny Stine (Science Entrepreneur)
3-26-15 SPRING BREAK  
4-2-15 Bacterial Sensing and Degradation of Aromatic Compounds Dr. Becky Parales (UC-Davis)
4-9-15 TBA Dr. Peggy Biga (University of Alabama-Birmingham)
4-16-15 TBA Dr. Alan Savitzky, Dept. of Biology, Utah State University
4-23-15 TBA Dr. Claire Terhune-UA Anthropology
TBA Steve Toon (Science Entrepreneur)

Thursday at 4:00 pm in SCEN 604, reception at 3:30 in SCEN 502 (coffee and snacks), unless otherwise noted.

Date Title Presenter
8-28-14 Open Access: Doing it Right, Doing it Wrong, and Doing it Really Wrong Tony Stankus, UA Libraries
9-11-14 Where are the missing fungi? Revising fungal species estimates based on new discoveries from expeditions to the extremely remote Pakaraima Mountains of western Guyana Dr. Mary Catherine Aime Purdue University Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
10-02-14 Exploring Spatial Heterogeneity in Species Prevalence Dr. Avishek Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences
10-16-14 Gene conversion may limit longevity of asexual populations: a population genomic analysis of Daphnia pulex (Seminar Flyer) Dr. Abraham Tucker, Southern Arkansas University
10-29-14(WED) Explorations of species interactions and their evolution. (Seminar Flyer) Craig Benkman (University of Wyoming)
10-30-14 Ex uno plures: Clonal Reinforcement Drives Evolution of a Simple Microbial Community. (Seminar Flyer) Frank Rosenzweig (University of Montana)
11-06-14 Species limits, quarantine risk and the intrigue of a polyphagous invasive pest: Practical applications of evolutionary theory. Dr. Michelle Rafter from the University of Queensland
11-13-14 Endocrine control of teleost osmoregulation: molecular and cellular aspects of prolactin action. (Seminar Flyer) Dr. Jason Breves, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Skidmore College
11-27-14 Thanksgiving  
12-11-14 Tentative Dr. Joan Strassman, Washington University


Date Title Presenter
2/20/2014 The Problem of Invasive Pythons in the United States Dr. Michael Dorcas, Davidson College, NC
2/27/2014 Maintaining Balance in the Extreme: How the Salt-Loving Microbe Halobacterium salinarum Responds to Stress Dr. Ron Peck, Colby College, Waterville, ME
3/17/2014  Changing forests of the Ozarks reflect processes changing ecosystems in the US  Faculty Candidate
3/20/2014 Predicting forest dynamics in a changing world Faculty Candidate
3/27/2014 SPRING BREAK  
3/31/2014 Liana impacts on carbon cycling, sequestration and storage of tropical forests  Faculty Candidate
4/3/2014, 11 a.m., SCEN 613 Quantifying and Visualizing the SpatioTemporal Dynamics of Ecological Processes  Faculty Candidate
4/3/2014 The developmental and genetic basis for evolved tooth gain in stickleback fish Dr. Philip Cleves
4/10/2014 Phylogeny vs. morphology: How does DNA sequencing help to discover new species of myxomycetes Dr. Dmitry Leontyev
4/17/2014  "So I developed a GMO, what do I do now?" Dr. Keith Reding, Monsanto Company
5/1/2014 Ecology, habitat preference and conservation of Neotropical non-volant mammal communities in Costa Rica’s Caribbean lowlands Dr. Andrea Romero


Biological Sciences Fall 2013 Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held in SCEN 604 at 4 p.m. unless noted otherwise. Reception (coffee and snacks) held 30 minutes prior to event in SCEN 502.

September 12, 2013

Speaker: Dr. James Wilson, Villanova
Topic: Salmonella Stories: Genes, Survival, and Unexpected Phenotypes. Hosted by BGSA

September 19, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Dan Lessner, Department of Biological Sciences
Topic: Methanogens as model systems to understand the Archaea and beyond

September 26, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Matthew E. Smith, University of Florida
Topic: Exploring the ecology of ectomycorrhizal fungi in the tropical forests of the Guiana Shield

October 17, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Sue Brown, Kansas State
Topic: Implementation of the BioNano Genomics Irys system for advanced genome analysis in Triboleum

October 24, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Konrad Lohse, University of Edinburgh (UK)
Topic: Estimating divergence and introgression from genomes - lessons from cactophilic flies, Neandertals and gall wasps

October 31, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Trace Peterson, DVM, Ph.D., University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff
Topic: Diseases of Laboratory Zebrafish and Their Use as a Research Platform

November 7, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Steven Stephenson, Department of Biological Sciences
Topic: The Mushroom Research Centre: A Biological Field Station in Northern Thailand

November 14, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Peter Brussock, Princeton, NJ and Holicong, PA
Topic: Managing Persistent Contaminants in an Urban Estuary During Accelerating Relative Sea Level Rise

November 21, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Alf Haukenes, University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff
Topic: Building ‘fishy’ Models for Acute and Chronic stress

December 5, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Andrea Romero, University of Kansas
Topic: Ecology, habitat preference, and conservation of Neotropical non-volant mammal communities in Costa Rica's Caribbean lowlands

December 12, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Michael Moore, Oberlin College
Topic: Strange Soils, Desert Islands, and Climate Change: Reconstructing the Origin and Diversification of the Chihuahuan Desert Gypsum Flora

Spring 2013 Seminar Schedule

February 7

Dr. Richard Meisel Cornell University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Title: Sex Chromosomes and Sexual Dimorphism February 14 Dr. Suzanne McGaugh Duke University Title: The impact of recombination on genomic diversity and divergence

February 21

Dr. Timothy Evans University of Pennsylvania
Title: Wiring the insect nervous system: the roles of Slit/Robo signaling in embryonic axon guidance in Drosophila and Tribolium

February 28

Dr. Shuzhen Chen Harvard University
Title: Understanding the roles of histone methylation in cell differentiation

March 14

Dr. Kerry Rabenold Purdue University
Title: Ecological specialization, rarity, and vulnerability to climate change in birds of a tropical cloud forest

March 28

Dr. Mark Smeltzer UAMS
Title: Bad to the Bone: Pathogenesis of Staphylococcal Musculoskeletal Infection April 4 Dr. John Marzluff University of Washington Title: Neuroecology of the crow: a new look at the bird brain

April 12, 12:30 p.m., SCEN 402

Dr. Russell J. Borski Professor, Department of Biology North Carolina State University, Raleigh
Title: “Catch-Up” Growth: Hormones and Mechanisms

April 15

Dr. Lex Flagel Monsanto Company
Title: Finding a Needle in the Haystack: Using Genomics to Identify the Genes Responsible for Adaptation and Domestication in Plants

April 18

Dr. David Krementz Arkansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Department of Biological Sciences
Title: Marshbird Ecology and Management

April 25

Dr. Andrew Schurko Hendrix College Biology Department
Title: Abstinence only? Searching for evidence of sexual reproduction in bdelloid rotifers

  • Dec. 6
    Brian Counterman 
    Mississippi State University
    Genomics of the adaptive wing pattern radiation in Heliconius butterflies.
  • Nov. 8 
    Fred Spiegel 
    Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas 
    Long ago, when supergroups were species
  • Oct. 25
    Nolan Kane 
    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Boulder 
    Hybridization and the origins of novelty
  • Oct. 4
    Lawrence D. Willis 
    Virginia Department of Environmental Quality 
    What's Wrong with our Streams? Applying Statistical Methods to Water Quality Monitoring.
  • Oct. 1
    Yuchun Du
    Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas
    Proteomic Studies of Novel Estrogen-Receptor-Interacting Proteins and Estrogen-Mediated Signaling
  • Sep. 27
    Michelle Evans-White
    Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas

    Water quality, biodiversity, and resource ratio theory in Ozark streams
  • Sep. 6
    Dr. Harry Greene
    Cornell University
    Natural History, Aesthetics, and Conservation
  • Apr. 26

    Dr. G. O. Graening

    California State University and Natural Investigations Company

    Cave Fauna of Arkansas: Exploration & Conservatin of Subterranean Biodiversity

  • Apr. 19

    Dr. Carlos Martinez del Rio

    University of Wyoming

    Body size and temperature in biology: The historical roots of metabolic theory

  • Apr. 12

    Dr. J. Dylan Maddox

    Florida Museum of Natural History

    Inbreeding avoidance, genetic neighborhoods, and gene flow in a tropical bird with limited dispersal

  • Mar. 1

    Dr. Jeffrey Gardner

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Genetic and Functional Genomic Approaches to Study Plant Cell Wall Degradation in Bacteria

  • Feb. 27 

    Dr. Pamela Brown 

    Indiana University 

    Evolution of Bacterial Cell Shape and Growth Mechanisms

  • Feb. 23

    Dr. Tyrone Washington

    Assistant Professor, Dept. of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation

    Interleukin-6 and its role during skeletal muscle growth

  • Feb. 20

    Dr. Tamara O'Connor

    Tufts University School of Medicine

    Understanding How the Evolution of a Bacterial Pathogen Shapes Its Ability to Cause Disease in Humans

  • Feb. 16 

    Dr. Jeffrey Lewis 

    University of Wisconsin – Madison 

    Genome-wide analysis of stress-activated gene expression changes

  • Jan. 18

    Ms. Nga Thi Ho

    Vice-Head of Science Management and International Relations (SMIR) at Ha Tinh University in Vietnam and currently a Fulbright Scholar at Loyola University in Chicago 

    Universities in Vietnam and Our Dream

  • Nov. 17

    Dr. Ginny Adams

    University of Central Arkansas

    Snakehead terror in eastern Arkansas

  • Nov. 10

    Thomas Edison dela Cruz 

    University of Santo Tomas, Philippines 

    Philippines Marine Mangrove Fungi as Sources of Secondary Metabolites and Extracellular Enzymes

  • Nov. 3

    Steve Stephenson

    Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas 

    Global Biodiversity of Myxomycetes

  • Oct. 11

    Ralph Henry

    Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Arkansas 

    Signal Recognition Particle and its Receptor: Adapting to Life in The Chloroplast

  • Oct. 6

    Maureen Donnelly

    Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University Host: BGSA

    Seminar - Amphibian Conservation in the New World Tropics: A Tragedy in Three Acts

  • Sep. 29

    Morten B. Engelund & Steffen S. Madsen

    University of Southern Denmark

    Aquaporins in the intestine and kidney of fish: A role in osmoregulation and water transport

  • Sep. 22

    Steffen S. Madsen

    Associate Professor, Institute of Biology, University of Southern Denmark, Odense

    Environmental estrogens and their impact on the salmon life cycle

  • Aug. 18

    Ravi Barabote

    Department of Plant Sciences, University of CA Davis

    Genomic analyses and translational genomics of a cellulolytic thermophile

  • Mar. 10

    Mario Cleves

    Associate Director, Birth Defects Research Center Professor of Pediatrics UAMS College of Medicine

    Genetic Epidemiology and Heart Birth Defects Research at the Arkansas Center for Birth Defects Research and Prevention

  • Jan. 20

    Valerian V. Dolja

    Dept. of Botany & Plant Pathology, Oregon State University

    Evolution of the Virus World

  • Sept. 23

    Thad Scott

    UA Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences 

    The Biological Stoichiometry of Prokaryotic Heterotrophs and Implications for Ecosystems

  • Sept. 30

    David A. Zaharoff 

    Department of Biological Engineering, University of Arkansas

    Engineering Translatable Immunotherapies for Cancer

  • Oct. 21

    Barbara Boland

    Member of the FNHA Board of Directors and Project Coordinator for the Green Infrastructure Planning project

    Green Infrastructure Planning: the beginning of a regional strategic conservation plan for Northwest Arkansas

  • Oct. 28

    David Orlovich

    Department of Botany at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand

    Molecular Phylogenetics of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi

  • Nov. 11

    Liz Karr

    Department of Botany and Microbiology, University of Oklahoma

    Transcription Regulation in Methanogens (Archaea)

  • Nov. 18

    Walter Dodds

    Kansas State University

    Value of Aquatic Ecosystems Goods and Services

  • Dec. 1

    Bret A. Collier

    Institute of Renewable Natural Resources at Texas A&M University

    Coordinated research and management for conservation of an endangered endemic: Golden-cheeked warblers in Texas

  • Sept. 3

    No seminar 

    Fulbright College Convocation

  • Sept. 10

    Scott Longing

    Dept. Bio Sciences, University of Arkansas

    Aquatic beetles: friends or foe

  • Sept. 17

    Art Brown

    Dept. Bio Sciences, University of Arkansas

    Rafting bugs: downstream drift of invertebrates and leaves in headwater streams

  • Sept. 24

    Delphine Brown

    From the Brazilian Amazon to a Finnish bog: An alternate perspective on forests and global climate change

  • Oct. 1

    Kathryn Curtin

    Dept. Bio Sciences, University of Arkansas

    Understanding the role of basigin in cell interactions and cell structure

  • Oct. 8

    Jeffrey Silberman

    Dept. Bio Sciences, University of Arkansas

    Anaerobes and Amoebae refine our understanding of Eukaryote evolution

  • Oct. 15

    No seminar

    Fulbright College Faculty Meeting

  • Oct. 22

    Priscila Chaverri

    Dept. of Plant Science and Landscape Arch., Univ. of Maryland

    Systematics as a tool to identify fungi for biological control: The case of Trichoderma

  • Oct. 29

    Russ Greenberg

    Smithsonian National Zoological Park

  • Nov. 5

    Fusun Kilic

    University of Arkansas, Medical School

  • Nov. 12

    Ragupathy Kannan

    University of Arkansas, Fort Smith

  • Nov. 19

    Gene Kritsky

  • Dec. 3

    Dirk Charlson

    Crop, Soil and Environmental Science, University of Arkansas

    Parched soybeans thirst for nitrogen: Interactions of N-fixation and drought tolerance