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Override Request Form and Instructions

An override is a request to enroll in, or drop from, a class when the student is unable to do so through UAConnect.

Follow the instructions below to complete an override request that cannot be completed in UAConnect for undergraduate or graduate courses. 

Overrides require the completion of this form, the signature of an instructor, the signature of the Department Chair, and a visit to Chemistry offices. These steps are necessary if you need an override.

How to Fill Out the Form


Do you really need an override?

Enrollment failures occur for various reasons. A couple of common reasons are the lack of pre- or co-requisites or instructor consent is required. Some enrollment failures have simple fixes and eliminate the need for an override.  Others can’t be fixed.

You should be able to resolve these issues:

These causes for enrollment failure would require an override IF the department choses to grant it:

  • Instructor Consent Required
  • Waiving Pre- or Co-requisite requirements
  • Time conflicts
  • Class not open (CHBC does not use the waiting list function and once a class is closed, it is closed)

If you determine that you do need an override, please complete the Administrative Change of Registration form (link provided below), obtain any instructor’s signatures that might be required, and return your form via email at or drop it off in the CHBC offices in CHEM 119.

All available fillable PDF forms are found online here.