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The department ranks 73rd among other chemistry departments according to the latest NSF report. This prosperity provides exceptional research opportunities for graduate students in both the traditional areas of chemistry and interest in cross-disciplinary areas.

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Custom Designed Graduate Coursework

Graduate coursework is intended to strengthen and broaden a student's basic scientific knowledge and to assist in understanding of topics that are relevant to the student's research. Therefore, the curriculum is designed by the student and his/her graduate advisory committee based on the student's research interests and needs, taking into consideration previous education and experiences. This approach easily accommodates students who perform interdisciplinary research. Most coursework is taken in the first year and rarely extends past the second.

Courses are listed in the Graduate Catalog of Studies.

For specific project descriptions see individual faculty pages.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Graduate Program

Obtaining a graduate degree is a difficult task that requires a personal commitment, which can only be achieved if the student is deeply interested in the subject matter. When choosing a graduate program, matching research interests with that of the faculty is critical. Location and financial assistance are important but dedication to program is the key to success.

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