Poster Printing

Hours and Location

Monday - Thursday 9 – 4 pm
Friday 9 – 3 pm

CHEM 112

Chemistry Building
345 N. Campus Dr.
Fayetteville, AR

Rates and Reservations

  • $25 - Poster less than 3 feet (36 inches)
  • $50 - Poster greater than 3 feet (36 inches)

Please make your reservation 24 business hours in advance and await a confirmation email before arriving to print your poster. 

Poster Printing Instructions

  • Save your poster on a USB drive, email it yourself, or use Dropbox
  • You must be present for printing – it usually only takes 5-10 minutes to print (it is recommended that you leave your poster to dry for approximately 15 minuets. 

The Cost Center Number is the only method of payment. Students typically are given the needed cost center number by their supervising faculty member or their department's office manager. Please have this number ready before making your reservation.

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