Research Projects

The need for a better understanding of protein structure and function is based on the fact that proteins do nearly all the work in the cells of our bodies, ranging from brain function and nerve transmission to metabolic energy production and muscular contraction. Moreover, most diseases are associated with defects in protein function. Future advances in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human disease will depend upon better understanding of the structures, functions and interactions of the thousands of proteins that are encoded within the genomes of humans, and human pathogens. Such understanding will emerge from detailed investigations of the molecular structure and function of proteins that play an important role in human disease. The members of the University of Arkansas COBRE Center for Protein Structure and Function seek to make significant contributions to this fundamental understanding through multidisciplinary research projects using state-of-the-art techniques and instrumentation.

The Center supports five multidisciplinary research projects involving over 20 faculty members. The goals of the COBRE Center are to strengthen collaboration between investigators and allow them to develop promising new approaches to biomedical research in protein structure and function.