Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry | Undergraduate Program

We offer a solid program tailored to students' goals - academic and professional - in an excellent environment.

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Degrees and Honors

We offer both a Bachelors of Science chemistry degree and a Bachelors of Arts chemistry degree. There are different areas of emphasis to choose from including: 

  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Biophysical chemistry

An American Chemical Society (ACS) accredited degree is also an available option. 

View the degree requirements for each of the degrees and areas of emphasis offered. Prospective students should view the most current year's degree requirement checklist. Explore the undergraduate courses offered by our department to get a better idea of what it's like to study with us. Many chemistry majors are also members of the Honors College and take advanced coursework. Students who aren't members of the Honors College still have the opportunity to pursue departmental honors.

Undergraduate Research 

Students also are are encouraged to conduct research in the lab of a faculty member. This can be done as part of the student's course load (CHEM 400V/400VH) after students have completed organic chemistry II. Almost half of all chemistry majors participate in research. There is also a summer research program, NSF - REU, for which students may apply.

Chemistry and Pre-Professional Clubs

Majors have several student groups to choose from to connect with classmates and gain additional skills. 

Financial Aid

Financial aid is also available for all chemistry majors through scholarships and merit awards.

Scholar Profile: Lemuel Reber, scholarship recipient, speaks about his University of Arkansas experience.

"When I came here to the University of Arkansas, I was not sure of what to expect. I graduated from a small charter school here in Fayetteville that really encourages students to attend small liberal arts colleges. I was told that the closer community and the small student to faculty ratio along with a host of other reasons would set me up better to succeed in secondary education, not to mention the pressure that many of my peers felt for leaving the state and "getting away from parents." Large, publicly funded universities like Arkansas did not receive a lot of recognition in the minds of many people that  were giving us high school students guidance. It's not that the advice in regards to schools like the University of Arkansas was purely negative, but after having been here for almost two years, this school did not nearly get the kind of credit it deserves. I wish I would have been told more about the opportunities that an extensive research institution like the U of A has to offer, not the least of which are the scholarships available to students.  One of the biggest motivating factors for me coming to this school was the affordability of the education that would not require taking on huge amounts of debt. I am so thankful that God has allowed me to focus on my education, without having to get in debt, thanks largely in part to scholarships that are offered through the Chemistry department. Classes are often tedious and time consuming, and not having the stress of a lot of educational costs is a huge benefit.  Looking back on it, I am so glad that I came to the U of A. The opportunities to better myself as a student seem limited only to the labor that one is willing to put in, and I am so glad to be apart of a school and a department that incentivizes hard work at multiple levels."

Lemuel Reber, Biochemistry, Graduating Spring 2019

Contact a Departmental Advisor

A department advisor would be happy to discuss options with you. Please select an advisor from the list of 2018-2019 Undergraduate Advisors below. Prospective students should select the Freshman Advisor. Inquiries can also be sent to cheminfo@uark.edu.

Freshman Advisor 
Frank Millet
Chem 243
(479) 575-4999


Sophomore Advisor
Semour Wang
Chem 216
(479) 575-5625



Junior Advisor
Jingi Chen
CHEM 235
(479) 575-5646


Senior/ Pre-Pharmacy Advisor
Suresh T. Kumar
CHEM 235
(479) 575-5646


Honors Advisor
Paul Adams
CHEM 236
(479) 575-5621

Julie StenkenCHEM 247
(479) 575-7018



Graduates of the chemistry program choose advanced study in the areas of academics, law, medicine, pharmacy, and research, among others; or pursue professional careers. Many chemistry majors are also in the pre-medical program and, in the year 2016, those majors had a 65% success rate in medical school admissions. The highest success rate of all UAF majors and 5% higher than the University as a whole. 

Coming soon: Success stories of graduates of our program!