Project List

Applicants should select up to three potential projects.

Faculty mentor Project title 
Paul Adams Ras proteins as a model system to study protein-protein interactions
M. Hassan Beyzavi Biomimetic nanomaterials for applications in biomedical imaging, e.g. PET for cancer and brain imaging; MRI contrast agents; cancer therapy, e.g. PDT; energy sustainability and green transformations
Jingyi Chen Inorganic nanocrystals for heterogeneous catalysis:  Controlling the size, shape and composition of metallic nanostructures and their interface with oxide supports
Robert Coridan Hierarchically structured materials for converting sunlight to fuels in the artificial leaf
Chenguang Fan Studying and engineering protein with unnatural amino acids by genetic code expansion
Ingrid Fritsch Analytical chemistry on a chip with microfluidics involving electric and magnetic fields
Maggie He  Functionalized carbon nanomaterials for sensor application
Colin Heyes Core-shell interfaces in colloidal quantum dots
Stefan Kilyanek Organometallic electrochemistry: molecular complexes for fuel cell cathodes.
T.K.S. Kumar Cell Signaling induced by fibroblast growth factor
Jack Lay Detection of endocrine disruptors in water by tandem mass spectrometry
Matt McIntosh Novel Approaches to Bioactive Natural Products
Mahmoud Moradi Computational study of functionally important conformational changes in membrane proteins
Joshua Sakon Structure and Mechanism of Endo/Exoceliulases from Thermomonospora fusea
Julie Stenken Bioanalytical methods for understanding protein-based chemical communication
Wesley Stites Exploring the Influence of the Denatured State upon Protein Stability, or
Isolation, Characterization, and Impact upon Blood Clotting of Human Thrombomodulin in Disease
Susanne Striegler Lignin degradation by binuclear manganese complexes
Ryan Tian Syntheses and Applications of Ordered and Complex Nanostructures
Feng Wang Computational modeling of chemical reactions and nano-materials
Nan Zheng Organic Synthesis Enabled by Visible Light Photocatalysis