Scholarships & Awards

Students interested in scholarships should review the information and fill out an application at the link below:

American Chemical Society Award

Awarded to chemistry and biochemistry majors for remarkable academic achievement.

ACS-Hach Land Grant Scholarships

In a joint effort, the American Chemical Society and University of Arkansas, offer a renewable scholarship to a chemistry major with plans to teach high school chemistry.

Amis Chemistry Scholarship

The Amis Chemistry Scholarship was established in honor of Professor Ed Amis who played a major role in establishing a research program in the department.

Arthur and Lois Fry Scholarship

Fry Scholars are selected for their outstanding academic achievement in the chemistry and biochemistry program and commitment to a career in professional chemistry.

Barbara Campbell Wertheim

Established by the late Dr. Edgar Wertheim, former chairman of the department, in memory of his daughter. Awarded to an outstanding senior Chemistry major whose undergraduate work was completed on the Fayetteville campus, 3.5 GPA minimum. 

CHBC Achievement Award

Awarded to scholastically outstanding and professionally active Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts chemistry majors at the sophomore, junior and senior levels.

CHBC Department Scholarship

Awarded to chemistry majors with demonstrated academic success and financial need.

CHBC Scholars Award

Awarded to chemistry majors with demonstrated academic success.

Coulter W. Jones Award

Established during the 1950s by 1905 alumnus Coulter W. Jones. Jones wanted to help students whose path mirrored his own, and who are Arkansas residents. He was more interested in the recipient’s “drive” toward getting a chemistry degree” than the GPA.

DuPont Chemistry Scholarship

Chemistry majors, freshman through senior, with demonstrated academic achievement are eligible for this renewable scholarship established through industrial gifts from DuPont-Conoco.

Ethyl Corporation Chemistry Scholarship

Awarded to chemistry majors with demonstrated academic success.

Frederick A. KekuléAward

Established in honor of the founder of the structural theory of organic chemistry and awarded to sophomore chemistry majors with professional promise with emphasis placed on academic performance in organic chemistry. This scholarship was established by the late Arthur Fry, University Professor Emeritus.

Jacob Sacks Chemistry Award

This award is given to a pre-medical chemistry major with outstanding performance in sophomore level organic chemistry. This award is made possible through the gifts of Dr. Jacob Sacks who was long-term faculty member and largely responsible for establishing the biochemistry program in the department.

Jacob and Wilma Sacks Scholarship

This scholarship is named in honor of  Professor Sacks and his wife,  Dr. Wilma Sacks who helped establish many projects in maternal and child health, and is awarded to chemistry majors with demonstrated academic achievement.

Kathy Noland Chemistry Award

Established in honor of faculty member, Kathy Noland, this award is for the chemistry major that has demonstrated excellence in their freshman chemistry laboratory work.

Octa Norman High Chemistry and Biochemistry Scholarship

The Octa N. High Scholarship awards full tuition scholarships to worthy chemistry majors. This scholarship was established in 2009 by the late Octa N. High, a 1933 alumna who almost dropped out of school during the Great Depression but was able to continue through financial support by the university.

Samuel and Betty Siegel Scholarship

This renewable scholarship was established for incoming freshman chemistry majors on a competitive basis by University Professor Sam Siegel and his wife. Professor Siegel was a faculty member for over thirty years.

Virginia R. Hicks Endowed Scholarship

This endowed scholarship is available to full-time chemistry majors with a preference to students from Arkansas, and/or students who may be underrepresented in the fields of chemistry and science. 

W. Ves Childs Science Education Scholarship

Established by the Childs family in honor of chemist, Ves Childs, this scholarship is awarded to upperclassmen chemistry majors who intend to pursue a career in science education.

William K. Noyce Scholarship

This scholarship was established for chemistry majors with demonstrated scholastic ability, professional promise, and financial need. This scholarship was established in 1966 in honor of the contributions made to the department by Professor Noyce.