Lauren J. DeCarvalho

Lauren J. DeCarvalho

Assistant Professor

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-3046

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Lauren J. DeCarvalho joined the faculty in 2013.

Critical/Cultural Studies / Film & Media Studies / Feminist Theory

Informed by feminist theory and scholarship, my research examines social constructions of gender--and its intersection with other identity markers, such as race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation--within media and popular culture. Currently, I am analyzing depictions of prison, on topics that include portrayals of incarcerated women, mental health issues, and the prison as a workplace. Previously, I examined 590 television episodes, from American sitcoms on both broadcast and cable, to better understand the changing nature of the televisual workplace during the most recent post-recessionary era.  


Comm 1003: Film Lecture
Comm 4143: American Film Survey
Comm 4733: Reel Women (cross-listed with GNST 4733)
Comm 4743: Representational Issues in Film (cross-listed with GNST 4743)
Comm 596V: Globalization and Film


Ph.D., Penn State
(Mass Comm. with a Focus in Women's Studies)

M.A., Penn State
(Media Studies with a Minor in Women's Studies)

B.A., Penn State
(Broadcast Journalism with a Minor in International Studies)


DeCarvalho, Lauren J., and Nadia Martínez-Carrillo. 2018, Forthcoming. “Serving (Fetishized) Time: An Intersectional Analysis of Netflix’s Food Trucks in Mexico and the United States” Manuscript has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Popular Culture, June 2017.

Rodino-Colocino, Michelle, Lauren J. DeCarvalho, and Aaron Heresco. 2017. “Neo-Orthodox Masculinities on Man Caves.” Television & New Media, DOI: 10.1177/1527476417709341.

Cox, Nicole B., and Lauren J. DeCarvalho. 2016.* “The Sexism of Sons: A Feminist Critique of FX’s Sons of Anarchy.” Journal of Communications Media Studies 8 (1): 9-23.

*This “Fall 2016 – Volume 8” issue was delayed in its publishing and was not printed until March 2017.

DeCarvalho, Lauren J., and Nicole B. Cox. 2016. “Extended ‘Visiting Hours’: Deconstructing Identity in Netflix’s Promotional Campaigns for Orange Is the New Black.” Television & New Media 17 (6): 504-519.

Cox, Nicole B., and Lauren J. DeCarvalho. 2016. “‘Ride Free or Die’ Trying: Hypermasculinity on FX’s Sons of Anarchy.” The Journal of Popular Culture 49 (4): 818-838.

McAllister, Matthew P., and Lauren J. DeCarvalho. 2014. “Sexualized Branded Entertainment and the Male Consumer Gaze.” tripleC - Communication, Capitalism & Critique 12 (1): 299-314. 

DeCarvalho, Lauren J. 2013. “Hannah and Her Entitled Sisters: (Post)Feminism, (Post)Recession, and Girls.” Feminist Media Studies 13 (2): 367-370.

Whiteside, Erin, Marie Hardin, Lauren J. DeCarvalho, Nadia Martínez-Carrillo, and Alexandra Nutter-Smith. 2013. “‘I Am Not a Cow’: Challenging Narratives of Empowerment in Teen Girls Sports Fiction.” Sociology of Sport Journal 30 (4): 415-434.

Community Research Award ($5,200 grant)                                                                 
March 2016

Sponsored by The Bernice Jones Endowed Chair and the Community and Family Institute University of Arkansas. This grant has allowed me to further my research by collaborating with the Northwest Arkansas Prison Story Project and the important work that it carries out with women inmates from the Northwest Arkansas Community Correction Center.

Robert C. and Sandra Connor Endowed Faculty Fellowship ($2,000)                         
April 2015

Sponsored by Office of the Dean, J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences University of Arkansas. This fellowship serves to “support the career advancement of faculty who provide the highest quality teaching, research and service to the college.”

“Most Outstanding” Faculty Member (Nominee)                                                  
March 2016

Sponsored by the Associated Student Government, nominated by a former student
University of Arkansas

New Faculty Commendation for Teaching Commitment  
September 2014 and 2015

Sponsored by the Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center (TFSC) and UA Teaching Academy (twice recognized)
University of Arkansas

Delta Delta Delta Professors’ Dinner                                                                            
April 2014

Sponsored by Delta Delta Delta Sorority, nominated by a former student in Film Lecture
University of Arkansas

Faculty Certificate of Recognition      
April 2013 and April 2014

Sponsored by Housing, Food Services, and Residence Life, nominated by former students – 125-130 faculty nominated, 78-98 recognized. Awarded for “Outstanding Service to First-Year Students” (twice recognized)
Penn State University

Djung Yune Tchoi Graduate Teaching Award
April 2012

Sponsored by the College of Communications, for “Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching”
Penn State University

Don Davis Award
April 2012

Sponsored by the College of Communications, for “Distinguished Work in the Areas of Ethics and Social Responsibility”
Penn State University

Outstanding Service Award: Student (Nominee)
March 2011

Sponsored by the Commission for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Equity (CLGBTE), for “improving the climate of diversity and inclusion for LGBT people at Penn State”
Penn State University