Stephanie Ricker Schulte

Stephanie Ricker Schulte

Associate Chair

Associate Professor

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences


Phone: 479-575-3046

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Stephanie Schulte joined the faculty in 2008.

New Media

Media History


Cultural Studies

Policy Studies

New Media

Communication Technology

Media Studies

Media Literacy

Cultural Studies

Ph.D., American Studies, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 2002-2008

M.A., School of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University, 2000-2002

Humboldt Universität, Berlin, Germany, 1998-1999

B.A., University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, 1994-1998

University of Regensburg, Germany, 1996-1997


Cached: Decoding the Internet in Global Popular Culture. New York: New York University Press, 2013. (Critical Cultural Communication Series)

Selected Publications:

Schulte, Stephanie. “Personalization.” Digital Keywords, May 29, 2014: http://culturedigitally.org/author/stephanie-schulte/

Schulte, Bret, and Stephanie Schulte, “Muckraking in the Digital Age: Hacker Journalism and Cyber Activism in Legacy Media.” Journal of New Media and Culture 9:1 (2014): http://www.ibiblio.org/nmediac/winter2014/Articles/HackerJournalism.html

Wicks, Jan LeBlanc, Shauna A. Morimoto, Angie Maxwell, Stephanie Ricker Schulte, and Robert H. Wicks. “Youth Political Consumerism and the 2012 Presidential Election: What Influences Youth Boycotting and Buycotting?” American Behavioral Scientist 58:5 (2014): 715-732.

Wicks, Robert H., Jan LeBlanc Wicks, Shauna A. Morimoto, Angie Maxwell, and Stephanie Ricker Schulte, “Correlates of Political and Civic Engagement among Youth during the 2012 Presidential Campaign.” American Behavioral Scientist 58:5 (2014): 622-644.

Allen, Myria, Robert Wicks, and Stephanie Ricker Schulte. “Online Environmental Engagement Among Youth: Influence of Parents, Attitudes and Demographics.” Mass Communication and Society 16:5 (2013): 661-686.

“Assessing the Political Power of Film: A Multi-Methodological Study of Traffic’s Impact on Drug Policy.” Southern Communication Journal 77:1 (2012): 45-60.

“Surfing Feminism’s Online Wave: The Internet and the Future of Feminism.” Feminist Studies 37:3 (2011): 727-744.

“Cutting the Cord and ‘Crying Socialist Wolf:’ Unwiring the Public and Producing the ‘Third Place.’” In The Long History of New Media: Technology, Historiography, and Newness in Context, edited by David Park, Steve Jones, and Nicholas Jankowski, 37-54. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2011.

“Self-Colonizing eEurope: The Information Society Merges onto the Information Superhighway.” Journal of Transnational American Studies 1:1 (2009), http://repositories.cdlib.org/acgcc/jtas/vol1/iss1/art13

“‘The WarGames Scenario:’ Regulating Teenagers and Teenaged Technology (1980-1984).” Television and New Media 9:6 (2008): 487-513.

Consultant, Department of Research, Training and Evaluation, Radio Free Asia, Washington, D.C., 2001-2007     

World Intern, Editorial Staff, Washingtonpost.com, Arlington, VA, Summer 2001

Office of Nationally Competitive Awards Faculty Gold Media, 2014

Office of Nationally Competitive Awards Outstanding Mentor Award, 2014

Honors College Research Grant Mentor Award, 2014

Statewide Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Mentor Stipend, 2014

Travel Assistance Grant, Faculty Development and Enhancement, 2014

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) P3 Award, 2013-2014

Fulbright College Summer Research Stipend, University of Arkansas, 2013

Community Research Award, Bernice Jones Chair in Community and Family Institute and Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development Research Grant, 2012-2013

Research Grant, Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development, 2012-2013

Research Grant, Diane D. Blair Center of Southern Politics & Society, 2012-2013

Celebrate Women Certificate of Appreciation from the Center for Multicultural and Diversity Education, 2013

Fulbright College Incentive Grant, University of Arkansas, 2012

Dissertation Prize presented by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), 2010

Ralph Henry Gabriel Prize for the best doctoral dissertation in American Studies, American Ethnic Studies, or American Women’s Studies presented by the American Studies Association (ASA), 2009

Honorable Mention, Margaret A. Blanchard Doctoral Dissertation Prize presented by the American Journalism Historians Association (AJHA), 2009

New Faculty Commendation for Teaching Commitment from the Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center, University of Arkansas, 2009

Teaching Retreat Grant, University of Arkansas, 2009

Robert C. and Sandra Connor Endowed Faculty Fellowship, University of Arkansas, 2009

Distinguished Teaching Award Nomination, George Washington University, 2002

Best Paper Prize, Second Place, History Division, Broadcast Education Association (BEA), 2001

Fulbright Scholarship, Germany, 1998-1999