Degree Requirements


Robert Brady
Department Chair
417 Kimpel Hall

Myria Allen
Graduate Coordinator
417 Kimpel Hall

Degree Conferred:


Areas of Study: Communication with specific emphasis in civic engagement. Using communication people work together to identify and address matters of public concern, create more democratic organizations, participate in the political process, facilitate community involvement, and work together for the common good. Each student designs a specific curriculum of study in consultation with his or her major professor which focuses on one of the following areas of civic engagement: 1) political; 2) organizational; 3) media; or 3) community.

Prerequisites to Degree Program: Applicants should have a minimum of 24 semester hours in undergraduate credit within the area of communication or closely related studies. Prospective students must submit 1) three letters of recommendation (preferably from professors who can comment on their ability to do graduate-level work) and 2) their scores from the GRE examination through the Graduate School application portal. They must send 3) an essay-length writing sample (preferably an essay or research paper written for a class) and 4) a statement of their goals for graduate study in Communication at the University of Arkansas directly to the Communication Department’s Graduate Coordinator.

Requirements for a Master of Arts Degree: A minimum of 30 semester hours in graduate-level courses plus the capstone course (3 hours) or 27 hours of course work and a thesis (6 hours). The following departmental requirements must be met by students pursuing the M.A. in Communication:

  1. Completion of the Paradigms of Communication Research class (COMM 5163) during their first semester of resident graduate study in which it is offered
  2. Two graduate courses in communication research methods taken in their first year of graduate study and selected from following:  Qualitative Research Methods in Communication (COMM 5173), Quantitative Research Methods in Communication (COMM 5123), or Interpretative Research Methods in Communication (COMM 5183).  
  3. Either three hours of capstone project credit (COMM 5923) or six hours of thesis credit (COMM 600V). Each student must complete and successfully defend either a capstone project or an M.A. thesis.
  4. In addition to the Paradigms class, the two required methods courses, and the selected exit option (i.e., thesis or capstone course), at least four three-hour 5000-level courses must be completed in the Department of Communication. At least three of these courses should be in one focal area of civic engagement;
  5. The remaining hours of graduate credit must be selected from the following options:
    1. Additional 5000-level departmental seminars;
    2. 4000-level Department of Communication courses that are approved for graduate credit. Students should limit the number of 4000-level courses to no more than six hours;
    3. Up to six hours of graduate-level courses outside the department that directly relate to the student’s plan of study;
    4. Three hours of internship credit in COMM 5913;
    5. Up to six hours of credit in COMM 590V.

Students should also be aware of Graduate School requirements with regard to master's degrees.