Top 8 Reasons to Choose the Department of Communication for Your Graduate Education


1. Study in a research environment

The University of Arkansas is a doctoral-granting, research university with very high levels of research activity (RU/VH). Only 108 schools in the U.S. share that top level Carnegie Foundation classification.

2. Collaborate with top scholars

Your faculty are top scholars in their respective areas. Their research appears in top journals and highly acclaimed books. Graduate students routinely collaborate with faculty on research projects which can become conference papers or scholarly articles. When you graduate you will be well prepared to enter a Ph.D. program or the workplace.

3. Use multiple research methods and answer complex questions

This is important in our field because we study the incredible complexity of human communication. Whether you go on for a Ph.D. or enter the workplace you learn how to answer complex questions using research skills.

4. Prepare for excellent career opportunities

Our graduate students go on to work for organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to non-profit organizations. The corporate headquarters of organizations including Walmart and Tyson Foods are located in surrounding communities. Many go on to study at some of the best Ph.D. programs in Communication in the U.S.

5. Grow in your civic engagement

Using communication people identify and address matters of public concern, create more democratic organizations, participate in the political process, facilitate community involvement, and work together for the common good. Our graduate students prepare to facilitate civic engagement in the places they work and live after graduation.

6. Study with interesting peers

Our departmental graduate student community is diverse, intellectually curious, and collegial. We have had many International Fulbright Scholars studying with us. Students enjoy an environment of lively exchange in which learning occurs both in and out of the classroom.

7. Become part of the broader academic community

Over 4000 graduate students study at the University in 75 M.A. programs and 53 Ph.D. programs. They are drawn here because of our excellent faculty, library and research resources. You can form relationships with diverse graduate students from across campus.

8. Live in a great location

Fayetteville is an affordable but vibrant college community located close to major lakes and the forested foothills of the scenic Ozark Mountains. Opportunities for the arts and world class shopping also exist in Northwest Arkansas. rated it among the top 10 college towns in the U.S.